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Frequently Asked Questions about Products

Before contacting our customer service team, please take a few minutes to browse our comprehensive FAQ section. Chances are you'll find the answer to your question about our early learning programs and products here more quickly!

Mother with her Child

When should my child begin early learning? At what age?

Our holistic, right-brain learning programs can be used with children at each stage of development... even beginning prenatally! You see, due to the brain rapid early growth, the earlier you begin, the better. And, if your child is already past first 3 years, take heart. The brain has the beautiful ability to make connections at every stage of development—it might be a little slower as we age, and data might be filtered by the thought processes of the conscious mind, but information stills gets in! So, no worries. Take a deep breath. And start where you are.


Where can I go to observe a live class?

In 2006, we closed our US training center and moved East.  Now, we operate training from the US and schools from Asia.

Live classes are currently only available to be viewed in our TweedleWink Centers in Malaysia.  For more information, please visit our Asia HQ web site: TweedleWink Malaysia

Interested in teaching right brain education? We will unveil our certification program soon, opening up the opportunity for  classes to be taught in classrooms and homes around the world.  Learn more here.

Kindergarten Guide

I am a teacher. I'd like to teach TweedleWink and Wink in my classroom. What product or course do you recommend?

Welcome! We are always so excited to have more parents and teachers join our holistic, right brain, learning movement!


How you begin depends upon the ages of your students.


Daycares, Preschools and Early Learning Centers

My students are between ages 0 to 6.  

We recommend:

"Right Brain Education" book (updated version)

• Level 1 TweedleWink Overview Course

• TweedleWink Lesson Guides and Charts

• Flashcard lessons and accompanying materials that might fill a need in your program: TweedleWink Products At-a-Glance


Preschools, Elementary and Middle Schools

My students are between ages 6 and above.   

We recommend:

"Right Brain Education" book (updated version)

•  Level 1 Wink Overview Course and Wink Kit set

Wink Student Daily Planner

Wink Storybook Lessons 


Learn more about Wink courses on Teachable.

Boy Sitting on Grass

My child has special needs. Could your programs help? If so, how do I begin?

If your child has special needs, then we suggest that you begin with TweedleWink. As you may know, TweedleWink is an early learning program full of rich information presented in a series of 1-second-per-image flashcards. Flashcard lessons are believed to be beneficial for all infants and young children for a very important reason: it does not require conscious, logical thought. Right brain picture-based input works on the subconscious level. This part of the brain is constantly absorbing all information in the environment.


How does this impact children with delayed development or special needs? Research has shown that when conscious, logical functions are impaired in any way, the abstract subconscious faculties still actively take in information. You may not see results, or be able to tell exactly what or how your child is learning, but the brain continues to register and organize incoming information.


How do I begin? Start with the flashcard lessons. The set of TweedleWink DVDs (or Flashcards To Go—our online streaming video lessons) present 1,000's of flashcards, and includes math, phonics, multiple languages, perfect pitch, word building, whole words, culture, art, science, vocabulary enrichment, and more. It provides gentle stimulation to assist the brain's natural ability to heal, grow and thrive.

Happy Mother with her Child

I am a parent (or grandparent). Which program should I use for my child?

It depends upon the age of your child.

My baby is coming soon!

TweedleWink for Expectant Moms


My child is between ages 0 to 6.

What is TweedleWink?

TweedleWink Products At-a-Glance


My child is age 6 and above.

What is Wink? 

Wink Products At-a-Glance

What is the difference between "Flashcards To Go" and "Lessons at Home"? 

There are two options when choosing our streaming service. 

Flashcards To Go— flashcard lessons only.   

Lessons at Home—flashcard lessons (same as above) with a full library of printable materials. 


How do you choose? 

• BUSY BEE—Are you a busy parent with limited time to spend with your child?  Then, the Flashcards To Go streaming lessons are a wonderful opportunity to make the most of your time together. It includes video flashcards only. (Each video flashcard lesson is about 8-10 minutes. It's easy to fit into your schedule, leaving the rest of your child's time free for play.)  

• SUPER TEACHER—Are you a homeschooling parent dedicating your time and energy to the education of your children?  Then, the Lessons at Home option is for you! It includes video flashcard lessons PLUS a wide variety of lesson cards and activities to download, print and play with your child.  

If you would like the physical 12-DVD set (NOT streaming), then you can purchase the TweedleWink DVDs and have them shipped directly to your home or school.

Father and daughter at computer

Research shows that children should avoid screens. Do your digital flash cards have the same risks? Are physical flashcards better?

Yes, they are. Physical flashcards are always better because they are given with a higher interaction between parents and child. Our program began with a room-full of flashcards, carefully organized for each class.  When the technology was available, we jumped at the chance of duplicating our library of cards to share with parents and teachers around the world. 


For the number of flashcards that we use per each lesson it is easier to deliver, and kinder on the environment, when given digitally. So, we do use videos for 8 minutes of our lesson, and then spend the rest of the time in learning activities, movement, games and imagination-based play. 


Here's an explanation about why we use video flashcards and why we limit the exposure to 10 minutes or less: "Why TweedleWink Videos? Are they safe?" 


We definitely try to limit screen time because it has an adverse effect on our Wink program, which guides children into using their right brain to use the photographic mind for memory and speed reading, etc. Here's more on that: "How Screen Time Effects Your Child's Right Brain Abilities" 


For those uneasy about digital flashcards, we offer printable flashcards for Math and Language in our on-line store.

Woman with Digital Tablet

I have some questions about your materials that are not covered here.

Please write to us using the "Submit a Ticket" button.  We will be happy to get back to you!

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Frequently Asked Questions about Orders

Do you deliver to all countries around the world?

We ship to all countries internationally.  Our web site will calculate your shipping charges automatically. If you are not happy with the shipping cost, you can still change your mind and cancel the order at that point. As long as you do not submit your order, your credit card will not be charged.  PLEASE NOTE: Some countries may ask for extra customs charges, so please be aware of the guidelines in your country.

I have a question on my order shipping status, how do I go about it?

Please contact us at We will get back to you as soon as possible!

I received my product, but I would like to return it, how do I go about it?

We do our best to make sure that every customer is happy. So, if you have an issue with an order, please contact us at Let us know how we can help. Please be aware that all DVDs must be unopened and all items in new condition. We cannot give credit for returned items that are not in new sales condition.

I have some questions about my order that is not covered here.

Please write to us using the "Submit a Ticket" button.  We're happy to answer your questions.

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