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Unleashing Your Child's Right Brain Powers for Lifelong Success

Wink is an innovative right brain enrichment and enhancement program for helping older children and adults strengthen and maintain an active right brain engagement. It is based on Drs. Ornstein and Sperry’s Nobel-prize-winning split-brain research, as well as other contemporary subsequent theories on accelerated learning.

Wink boosts traditional learning by developing and sharpening your right-brain photographic memory capabilities, visualization skills, intuition and creativity.

Each of the Seven Steps of Wink has a different and unique purpose. Together, they stimulate inspired flashes of right-brain inspiration and link your child’s creative genius to the practical left brain.

What if your child had these Right Brain Abilities?

Photographic memory

To look at something ONCE and recall - at will - the original image in vivid detail

Speed Reading

Open a textbook, flip through the pages, comprehend everything PLUS have it conveniently stored in memory for future use

Multiple language acquisition

Hear, understand and fluently converse in Japanese, French, Chinese, Spanish or more

Computer-like math calculation

Add up your grocery bill in less than one second

Perfect pitch

Tune a musical instrument with your own memory of pitch


Instinctively understand the thoughts and feelings of others

Creativity, invention

Create, tangibly experience and mentally manipulate an original masterpiece of invention in a mental workshop

Advanced visualization

Spend an hour exploring the farthest reaches of the Universe, mountain climbing in the Himalayas or resting on a beach in Waikiki

Balance in a left-brain world

In most educational systems, the right hemisphere of the brain is underutilized. 


The process of learning through drills, repetition, tests and quizzes depends upon the linear, methodical left brain, which builds memory through logical links and repetition.  It's a one-sided way to learn.


Left brain education is like peddling a bicycle with one foot. It can be done, but why... when you have the capacity to do more, with more. 

Wink is a right-brain learning system that teaches children how to access their creative/intuitive faculties, preserving their abilities even through their teenage years and into adulthood. 

7 Steps of Wink

Here’s what our super-fun accelerated learning steps are, and what they do:


Alpha Relaxation

Embrace peace

Alpha Relaxation is the process of calming the senses, centering the body and adjusting the thought waves to an alpha-wave frequency in order to access the creative universe of the mind.


Eye Exercises

Prepare your mind for speed reading

Eye Exercises strengthen the ability to focus, increase the scanning speed, stimulate brain development, accelerate memory retrieval, integrate the right and left hemispheres of the brain and heighten sensitivity.



Train your eyes to act like a camera

Wink PhotoEyeplay is a unique visual process which stimulates the ability to see an object’s after-image, or negative photographic image. After-imaging activates the primary vision centers used for photographic memory.


Mental Imaging

Fly on a magic carpet!

Your mind is the laboratory of your soul. Once your Mental Imaging ability is developed, you can use your mind to play-out and test ideas before creating them materially.


Memory Linking

Boost memory with storytelling

Memory Linking consists of learning to recall many items in a specific order without the drudgery of rote memorization.


Observation Training

See more, remember more

Observation Training is the means of training your eyes (and your mind) to see more imagery details. The more details you consciously perceive, the more vivid is your recollection.


Photographic Memory

    & Speed Reading

The "right brain power couple"

Photographic Memory consists of remembering several things at once, in order or at random. This type of instant memory is considered to be more right brain, and fosters creativity and intuition in learning.

Speed Reading can boost the abilities of slower readers, and help faster readers read even faster. It does not depend on your education level or intellectual development.


Our Wink classes are presented through weekly online lessons, supplemented by materials shared on Google Classroom with all Wink parents and students. 

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Do you have further questions about TweedleWink Classes, Wink

or Right Brain Education in general? 

 Check out some Frequently Asked Questions at the link below. 

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