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Right Brain Courses at Teachable

Perfect for Moms & Dads, Daycare Providers & Preschool Teachers


Level 1 • Comprehensive Overview


Level 1


Comprehensive Introduction to Right Brain Education for Children Young and Old

You will receive a clear roadmap for whole brain/whole heart development for the first years of life—from prenatal to preschool.

You will learn how...

  • children ages zero to three learn quickly because they are in an "absorbent right-brain state" — and how to maximise that short window of time in a playful, upbeat manner.

  • to teach your child using all 5 senses, plus an important, sensitive sixth sense.

  • just 10 minutes a day of gentle exposure to 12 simple right-brain techniques is enough to create neural connections that last a lifetime.

  • you can strengthen and nurture your child’s optimum development at each of the 6 main stages of early childhood development.

  • to powerfully stimulate right brain creativity/holistic inspired thinking and left brain logic/critical thought at each stage of development.

Learn why it’s important to tap into both sides of the brain—the abilities of the right side of the brain, nurturing one's natural empathetic, musical, emotional, photographic memory and holistic speed-learning capabilities, along with the emerging left brain inquisitive, logical mind, so that the "whole brain" is equally engaged—and how to do it with our exclusive "6+6=12 TweedleWink Formula".


We'll walk you through: 

  • 6 developmental stages your child will progress through from pregnancy to preschool

  • 6 senses: what they are and how to teach to them

  • The 12 techniques—what they are and how to do them

  • Positive parenting tips for the “right brain child”

  • Flashcards—what they are and why they are so important to the right brain and for lifelong photographic memory-based flashes of inspiration and knowledge


TweedleWink Overview 

Level 1 • How To Teach Children Ages 0-6

Make the most of your child's first years of life with flashcards, music, tuning forks, matching games & more!


Early learning is a gift that lasts a lifetime.

Choose a gentle approach that nurtures your baby's heart and mind.

Why Teach TweedleWink?

Preschools & Daycares

Have you found your calling and heart's true passion in teaching young children?  Then, TweedleWink is the perfect tool kit to help you on you on your way.  You will learn how to use what you already know and integrate it with techniques that super-charge the right brain's photographic mind, absorbent sponge-like learning, intuitive spirit and creative ingenuity.


Einstein once famous said, " We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that we used to create them." By learning how to maximize the abilities of the young children in your care, by teaching them a whole new way to think and approach problems, you can give them the tools they will need to heal our world.

Moms and Dads

It is said that we only use a very small percentage of our full brain capacity. It's true.  Every child's life begins with a high level of potential.  Infants and toddlers create new brain cells each nanosecond.  But, just as quickly, the brain naturally prunes away unused cells.  Here's the catch: The cells that are kept alive and thriving are those have have received impulses of information from high-quality stimulation in the child's environment.  


So, really, you can EASILY think of TweedleWink's early learning techniques as an investment—not only in your child, but in yourself as well.  A greater understanding of how to nourish our children's bodies, hearts and minds helps us become better parents.  Our families become happy.  Our world becomes brighter.  And our children's potentials shine.

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