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New to Right Brain Education?

Here's a brief explanation
about what we do and why.

The right “emotional brain” is the brilliantly creative side of the brain. When it is properly nurtured with love, it can help your child learn effortlessly, sponging up just about anything with passion, joy and ease. Photographic memory, auditory recall, multi-dimensional mental imagery, speed reading, speed writing, and passionate creativity leading to invention of all kinds becomes possible.

The right brain ONLY opens when we’re happy, healthy and well-loved. That’s why our TweedleWink and Wink classes are based on a solid foundation of trust, positivity and respect for each and every child.

You can nurture both sides of your child's brain.

Unique Montessori-Inspired Right Brain Program


(Whole Brain)

Our gentle, yet powerful, approach to learning fuses accelerated learning with Montessori principles to build photographic memory, speed reading and creative thinking for children ages 0 to 12. 

The TweedleWink and Wink curriculum prepares your child for the future with rich academics, lovingly presented through flashcards, songs and games that cultivate a lifelong love for learning and dynamic whole-brain synergy. 

TweedleWink (ages 0–6) — Plant seeds of knowledge

TweedleWink lessons builds rich neural networks with fast, playful flashcard lessons that include Science, Math, Language and more.

• Here are our TweedleWink products at-a-glance

Wink (ages 7–12) — Give your child wings to fly 

Wink lessons tap into "right brain" faculties for photographic memory, holographic imagination, speed reading, and more. 

• Here are our Wink products at-a-glance

Our Vision

A loving culture. A brighter future.

At Right Brain Kids International, we are... transforming the world with early education that delivers lovingkindness, equality, wisdom, imagination, a nurturing heart and right-brain based knowledge.


Curiosity-based learning

We provide fun, high-quality, creative learning opportunities for children to actualize their highest potential in five areas of development...

  • Mental 

  • Emotional 

  • Spiritual 

  • Social and 

  • Physical

...using all the senses, including those that perceive the subtle frequencies of thought and feeling.


Early childhood transformation

We inspire “Aha!“ moments that accelerate and transform the way children learn and develop.


We help children playfully enjoy the struggles that come with learning.

IMG_5231 edited large.JPG


in action

We put heart first.


We treat others with respect, fairness and lovingkindness.


We promote

a culture of service.


Educational integrity

Our educational practices are backed by scientific research and practice.


We are known by our principles and values.

P3320422 edit.jpg

Sustainable parenting

Our families raise children to care about the Earth and all living creatures — great and small.


We teach the importance of character, stewardship of the planet and compassion for humanity.

Our Mission

Teaching from the Heart

To create a creative, heart-based Right Brain Education foundation for each child to tap into and express their own unique genius.

Our purpose is to transform early childhood education worldwide with heart-based programs that promote right-brain creativity, acceleration, imagination and fun through physical teaching centers and high-tech classes to...

  • Maximize the potential of every child from the earliest moments of life with a method that quickens the mind’s natural speed-learning abilities playfully

  • Give parents tools to prepare children to meet future challenges with loving relationships and creative imagination-based problem-solving skills

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