Hug, play, learn.


12 sets for year-round learning.

Right brain input.  Whole brain play!

TweedleWink Lessons at Home

Our monthly TweedleWink Lessons at Home are ideal for the active homeschooling family! They are user-friendly, cost-effective, and jam-packed with everything you will need to teach our right brain program from the comfort of home.


For Homeschooling Moms & Dads

TweedleWink streaming video flashcards, PLUS... LOTS of right brain matching and photographic memory cards.

right brain input

Each video lesson is less than 10 minutes long — leaving the rest of your time free for bonding and play.

+ whole brain play

Printable right brain learning materials in every subject: Science, Math, Language (Phonics, Sight Words, Vocabulary), World Cultures and Geography, Music/Perfect Pitch, Art Appreciation, Speed Reading Readiness and more!

Here's how it works.

How do I sign up for TweedleWink Lessons At Home?

We offer 12 monthly bundles containing 4 lessons each. (48 lessons in all.) Start with Month 1. (Click on START NOW button below!)


How long can I access Month 1 materials and flashcard videos?

Once you sign into Month 1, you have access to those lessons and can repeat them at any time.  Sign up for Month 2 when you are ready.  After you have purchased any Month, you can go back and repeat those lessons whenever you please!

Click to start your journey today.

Bring the joy of right brain learning into your living room.  You can take 4 lessons at a time. 

Or you can sign up for all 48 lessons at once at a discount.

Option 1: Start with Month 1.  Add as you go

TweedleWink Lessons At Home

Available on

$60 for each month — 4 lessons!

(Includes LOTS of printables.)

/4 lessons

(Start with Month 1)


Option 2: Sign up for the whole program at once.

TweedleWink Lessons At Home


Available on


Activities for Infants, Toddlers, Preschoolers

(Includes FULL LIBRARY of printables.)

/48 lessons

(SAVE $90)


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