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TweedleWink Products At-a-Glance

TweedleWink Early Childhood Flashcard Program on VIDEO

Includes: Math, Science, Language, Art, World, Music & Right Brain Stimulation

TweedleWink "Flashcards To Go"

STREAMING Video—instant lessons!

$120/48 lessons


TweedleWink "Lessons at Home"

STREAMING Video PLUS downloads!

$60/4 lessons


TweedleWink Flashcards on DVD

12-DVD set—48 lessons on DVDs.

$198/48 lessons

Right Brain Kids Store

Complementary Flashcard Sets

TweedleWink e-Flashcard Bundle

Includes: Math, Science, Reading, Art


Right Brain Kids Store

TweedleWink "Print & Play" Bundle

Math Card Sets—PRINTABLES!


Right Brain Kids Store

TweedleWink "Print & Play" Bundle

Language Card Sets—PRINTABLES!


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TweedleWink Math Program

TweedleWink Math Workbook Series

Teach your child math with playful pictures, coloring, stories and more.  Each workbook contains 48 lessons.


Level 1 (Introduction-Dots/Pictures)

Level 2 (Equations-Dots/Pictures)

Level 3 (Numbers)

Level 4 (Hands-On Tapping Play)

Level 5 (Fun Equation Practice)

Level 6​ (Borrowing/Carrying)

Level 7 (Multiplication Patterns)*



*Level 7 workbook can be used alone or with The Number People.

The Number People: A Right Brain Multiplication Story

A 150+ page right brain multiplication adventure!  The Number People is a photographic math readiness exercise that inputs over 100 equations (0x0=0 to 10x10=100) through a series of fun adventures.  

Each number has a color, shape and personality.  Includes: 12 stories designed to teach young children subliminal number relationships and mathematical patterns.



TweedleWink Early Reading Program

TweedleWink Phonics Book/CD

The right brain way to learn phonics--sing, tap and play!

Right Brain Kids Store

$15/set—includes: TweedleWink Phonics Level 1 Workbook (or "Playbook") and audio CD

TweedleWink Phonics Workbook Series

Teach your child to read with playful phonics lessons.


Level 1 - Introduction

Level 2 - Tracing & Matching

Level 3 - Writing & Coloring

Level 4 - Word-Building Play

Level 5 - Reading & Drawing        $9.99/workbook

"Sam the Elf" Phonics Readers

Our Montessori-inspired early readers introduce your child to 30 basic sounds with Sam the Elf's fun-filled adventures.


Book 1 (a, b, c, ch, d, e)

Book 2 (f, g, h, i, j, k)

Book 3 (l, m, n, o, p, ph)

Book 4 (q, r, s, sh, t, th)

Book 5 (u, v, w, x, y, z)

Book 6​ (Power Sounds, Set 1)

Book 7​ (Power Sounds, Set 2)

Book 8​​ (Power Sounds, Set 3)



TweedleWink Letter Tracing Workbook Series

Fun, early writing practice—letter tracing with ABC's, gently graduating to word-building, sight words and sentences!


Level 1 - Letter Tracing

Level 2 - Letters and Words

Level 3 - Phonics Word Building

Level 4 - Sight Words and Sentences     



TweedleWink Character-Building Program

Kindness & Respect

8 stories that teach kind words & acts.

BOOK 1: Kindness & Respect


Healthy Habits & Self-Care

8 stories to promote good hygiene.

BOOK 2: Healthy Habits & Self-Care


Helpfulness at Home

8 stories that encourage helpfulness.

BOOK 3: Helpfulness at Home


Virtues & Values

8 stories that celebrate goodness.

BOOK 4: Virtues & Values


Harmony & Responsibility

8 stories to teach relationship skills.

BOOK 5: Harmony & Responsibility


Safety & Sustainability

8 stories for a safer body and world.

BOOK 6: Safety & Sustainability


TweedleWink Art, Science & Cultures Program

TweedleWink Art Coloring Book

Famous masterpieces, artists + more!


TweedleWink Science Coloring Book

Astronomy, biology, chemistry + more!


TweedleWink World Coloring Book

Travel the globe as you color!



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