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Right Brain Courses at Teachable

Perfect for Homeschooling Families, Preschool & Elementary Faculty

Wink Online Courses

Let your child's right brain genius shine!

Parents often ask: "How do I do Wink at home? ...or in my classroom?"  It is our honor and heart's passion to show you just how to do that!  Wink can be taught with our kit—or with ordinary household items.  All that you need is a little bit of knowledge and practice.  Use our Wink kit, our fun Wink storybook lessons or take an online course to make sure that your child's right brain genius can shine!

Level 1 • Wink Overview

Level 1


Comprehensive Introduction to Right Brain Education for Children Young and Old

Wink is not just a learning program.  It's an awakening.  It's an acceleration.

Learn how 7 simple steps can revolutionize education as we know it.

Discover your child's

right brain "super powers"


Learn how just 10 minutes a day of gentle exposure to simple whole-brain techniques is enough to keep your child's magical "right brain pathway" active and alive in learning. 

We'll teach you what each step is, what it does and how to teach it to your child, spouse, students, parents, or anyone else in need of a "whole brain" tune up.

Click here to learn more about Wink's dynamic 7 Steps.



Level 1 • Overview for Ages 6 and up

Learn how to maximize the mind with: Alpha Relaxation, Eye Exercises, PhotoEyeplay, Mental Imaging, Observation Training, Memory Linking, Photographic Memory & Speed Reading.



The Wink Kit

The Wink Kit Digital product

Learn how to use the Wink Kit product to teach your child the 7 steps of Wink right brain education.


Level 2 • Knowledge, Practice & Play

Level 2


Right Brain Activation

If you've taken Wink Level 1, and you're truly addicted to this new way of teaching, then these courses are just for you!  Each course dives deep into the technique, giving you dozens of ways to teach it—with LOTS of accompanying downloadable materials.  PLEASE NOTE: The materials in the Level 2 Wink Courses are brand new.  If you have the Wink kit, they will complement and extend the materials that you have.  If you do not have the Wink kit, you may use the course materials to get started. 


Wink: Alpha Relaxation

Level 2 • Right Brain Activation

Learn how to bring children into the highly receptive, right-brain state in a wide variety of ways!



Wink: Eye Exercises

Level 2 • Right Brain Activation

Learn about a series of powerful eye movements to strengthen speed, focus, peripheral vision and rest.



Wink: PhotoEyeplay

Level 2 • Right Brain Activation

Teach the mind to act as a camera, complete with its own negative-to-positive film development process.



Wink: Mental Imaging

Level 2 • Right Brain Activation

Create multi-dimensional, holographic visualizations applied to learning and inner happiness.



LEVEL 2 Bundle

Take the first 4 steps of Wink together!

Includes: Alpha Relaxation,

Eye Exercises, PhotoEyeplay and Mental Imaging.


Add Wink to your classroom or home.

Homeschooling families

Learn how just 10 minutes a day of gentle exposure to Wink's whole-brain techniques is enough to supercharge any homeschooling curriculum. 


Harness your child's creative mind in "magic carpet rides" around the world and across the Universe.  Train your child's eyes to act like a camera!  Teach your child how to slow down and notice the details.  Find your child's favorite alpha relaxation go-to activity.


When all 7 steps are regularly practiced, your child will be able to truly utilize their photographic memory/speed reading capabilities to glean information in a powerful, yet playful, way. 

Preschool, Elementary,

Middle & High School

Learn how to start your school day with a short, easy-peasy selection of whole-brain balancing play.  We'll show you how to tailor the Wink techniques to your classroom. 


Just a few minutes of Wink play at the beginning of class can impact your student's memory, comprehension, focus, creativity, and enjoyment of the day's lesson plan.  Once you are familiar with the techniques, you can incorporate them in the creative delivery of any set curriculum.

Teachers who have used our program say that students' heightened senses, imagination and holographic visualization skills encourage creative problem-solving, design thinking and out-of-the-box inventiveness. 


Stress-free photographic memory, memory-linking and speed reading play helps the more visual right brain students excel and thrive. Supercharge your lessons. Add Wink to your classroom today.

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