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Learn, play, hug.


for babies, toddlers and preschoolers

Give your child a happy headstart with flashcards and play.


TweedleWink is an early learning program that impacts brain development—in a gentle, heart-centered, loving way. In the early stages of life we pay particular attention to activities that feed what Dr. Maria Montessori called "the absorbent mind."  We use flashcards (right brain) and then we play, play, play many different kinds of games that teach (connect to left brain).  

Not familiar with flashcards?  They are amazing.  Just 10 minutes a day of early learning flashcards can...
  • stimulate strong neural connections for increased capacity for thought & empathy
  • create a beautiful, high quality, vast "mental library" of multi-sensorial, subconscious images
  • allow the brain to see important patterns through exposure to science, nature, art, math & language
  • ignite a passion and curiosity to learn, read, observe, participate and explore through life!

1. Plant seeds: Start with Flashcards

There are 3 ways to begin your child's flashcard journey.

Plant seeds that will sprout & grow!


Are you a busy Mom or Dad? Prefer on-the-go streamable videos?

Or would you prefer an option that includes lots of hands-on materials for hours of play? We've got you covered!

Click on the best option for YOU. 

Option 1. TweedleWink "Flashcards To Go"

STREAMING—Quick Video Lessons for Busy Families

Click here to learn more.  •  Click here to start now!

Option 2. Hands-On Lessons at Home


Includes: STREAMING VIDEOS, PLUS: a FULL set of printable lesson materials (learning cards, coloring sheets, motivational tools, classical music, children's e-books + more!

Click here to learn more.  •  Click here to start now!

Option 3. TweedleWink Live Zoom Classes

Weekly live classes conducted over Zoom with our specially trained TweedleWink teachers. Take the guesswork out about when to do the right TweedleWink activities with your child. •  Click here to start now!

Brain cells that are given a job to do are happy and active!

Our 48 video flashcard lessons present a rich a dynamic curriculum in just 8 short minutes, with options for games and activities for each age group.

  • Loving-kindness—every lesson begins and ends with a set of positive affirmations

  • Vocabulary Builders—a wide range of subjects from simple subjects like Oceans and Continents to more complex subjects, like Layers of the Atmosphere

  • Music & Fine Art—perfect pitch training, musical notation, classical music, famous world art masterpieces, art forms from all over the global

  • Science—physics, geology, biology, astronomy, chemistry and more

  • Early Reading Readiness—phonic sound recognition and blending, sight words, word-building practice, poetry

  • World Cultures—countries and cultural awareness

  • Early Math Play—right brain math pictures and dots, visual equations

  • Accelerated Learning from our Wink Program—Eye Exercises, PhotoEyeplay, and Speed Reading Play

See a free sample lesson on


2. Connect: Read, play & learn with your child.

Anchor flashcard concepts with hands-on, hearts-on PLAY!

Powerful—and playful—learning tools to help boost your child's early learning adventure.



We'll help you every step of the way with...  


3. Learn more: Take our Parent/Teacher Course.

Make the most of your child's precious early years.  We'll show you how!


TweedleWink is more than just a flashcard program.  It includes fun, hands-on learning activities that meet your child's ever-changing needs from prenatal to preschool.  Learn how all about infant massage, eye exercises, yoga ball play, science songs and more in our online training courses—available now through

Level 1 - "How To Teach TweedleWink" Overview Course

Level 2 - TweedleWink Early Math—COMING SOON!

    TweedleWink Early Reading—COMING SOON!

    TweedleWink Early Science—COMING SOON!

    TweedleWink World Traveler—COMING SOON!

    TweedleWink Early Music—COMING SOON!

    TweedleWink Early Art—COMING SOON!

Perfect for parents & teachers. 

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