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The TweedleWink Program
Age: 0-6 years old

TweedleWink™ is a unique early learning program designed to provide rich neurological connections in your child's mind during their formative years. Like the roots of a tree, a healthy foundation including flashcards and right brain materials set a powerful platform for lifelong growth. 

Deep vast roots = tall, healthy tree with a strong trunk!

We teach through flashcards, movement, songs and games - in 8 different areas for whole-brain enrichment.

Each three-year cycle within our curriculum is crucial for optimal brain development.


Let's take a closer look at each phase:

Years 0-3: The focus during this period is to maximize right brain input. We introduce subjects like Math, Science, Language, World Culture, Music, and Art in a playful and free-moving manner that stimulates brain development. Additionally, we incorporate techniques to enhance right-brain memory, promoting a holistic approach to learning.


Years 4-6: This phase is designed to cultivate photographic and multisensorial memory skills, which are then applied to the academic areas mentioned earlier. We encourage creative and imagination-fueled play to keep the right brain pathway active. Through various games and activities, we aim to instill confidence and a passion for learning, while actively preparing children for speed reading and other right-brain, creative learning techniques.

Our 8 Areas of Focus


Prepare the eyes for speed reading and photographic memory


Organizes the brain's pathways, sorting information into groups by meaning


Increase cultural awareness of world languages, customs, geography etc.


Exposure to classical music, boosts brain development


Strengthens linguistic pathways, increases memory and confidence


Keeps right brain pathway open and active for math


Absorb complex subjects without worry or stress


Introduces famous artists, special art forms, and craft-making across the globe

 Are you looking for classes taught by trained TweedleWink teachers? 
Or hands-on materials that you can do yourself at home with your child? We've got you covered!

Select the best option for YOU. 

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Do you have further questions about TweedleWink Classes, Wink

or Right Brain Education in general? 

 Check out some Frequently Asked Questions at the link below. 

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