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Right Brain Courses at Teachable

Finally.  A holistic curriculum that meets the needs of a new, right-brain generation of children. If you are a parent, teacher or caregiver of young children, then these courses are a must-have for your creative teaching tool box. We'll show you how to maximize your children's early years of life with an innovative, playful, new approach to education.

It takes a special kind of person to teach sensitive right brain children.

If that's you, then join our gentle holistic learning revolution! Choose from our courses to get started on your own right brain journey today! 

"The fact is that given the challenges we face,

education does not need to be reformed.

It needs to be transformed."

- Sir Ken Robinson


6 months - 6 years

IMG_20180422_104228 edit.jpg

Learn why it’s important to tap into both sides of the brain—the abilities of the right side of the brain, nurturing one's natural empathetic, musical, emotional, photographic memory and holistic speed-learning capabilities, along with the emerging left brain inquisitive, logical mind, so that the "whole brain" is equally engaged—and how to do it with our exclusive "6+6=12 TweedleWink Formula".


7 years and above


Discover how just 10 minutes a day of gentle exposure to simple whole-brain techniques is enough to keep your child's magical "right brain pathway" active and alive in learning. 

We'll teach you what each step is, what it does and how to teach it to your child, spouse, students, parents, or anyone else in need of a "whole brain" tune up.

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