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Wink™ Teacher Certif ication

Dear fellow teacher and friend-in-the-making,

The Wink teacher certification program is becoming available once more.


A Little History

In 1998, we began sharing our right brain teaching methods on-line as part of a correspondence course. It included all seven steps of Wink and took one year to complete. Our early students faithfully completed each task and we soon had right brain teachers the world over — from Hong Kong to Lima, Peru to Vancouver, Canada. In 2004, we opened our first right brain training center in Bozeman, Montana.  In 2008, we began sharing our course trainings in Asia and began establishing learning centers to share our method in a more heart-to-heart way.  Now, years later, it is our great pleasure to offer this course once more. This time, our goal is to offer it to teachers and parents in small budget-friendly, time-manageable bites. The internet allows us to bring Right Brain Education right into your home.

Use these techniques to augment your school-wide curriculum, your classroom offering, or to boost your homeschooling program. Just 10-15 minutes a day can rewire the brain!


If you are not interested in certification, but want to elevate your understanding of our methods, then start with Level 1.  Take one course, or all, or a few.  Zero in on the ones that you like. 


If you’d like to teach others as a certified Wink right brain instructor, then all courses will be required.

Have patience with us as we continue to build the more advanced courses. 


They will be ready soon!

In kindness,

Pamela and Wennie

Teacher Training Pathway

To attain certification, you will need to complete all courses in Levels 1-4.  Our little elves are busily creating (and updating) the materials needed to complete this course offering.  (Levels 3-4 will be online soon!)

  If you feel called to become a right brain teacher, we happily welcome you.  

Level 1

overview for beginners

How to Teach TweedleWink™
(for ages 0-6)

Heart-based Right Brain Accelerated Learning for Infants, Toddlers and Preschool-age Children

(Perfect for special needs students.)


4-week course with unlimited access

How to Teach
(for preschool to teens)

The 7 Steps of Wink:

Photographic Activation and

Happy Memory Maximization

for Right Brain Kids


6-week course with unlimited access

Teacher Training Level 1 Bundle

Learn TweedleWink and Wink Introductory Courses together--for one, low, family-friendly price.


2 courses

(savings of $46!)

Level 2

prepare the heart & mind for photographic learning

Alpha Relaxation

How to Bring Children into an Alpha Brain Wave State for Right Brain Photographic Memory, Creativity and Intuition


4-week course

with unlimited access

and LOTS of printable materials


How to Prepare Your Child for Right Brain Speed Reading and Photographic Memory with Easy-Peasy Eye Exercises


4-week course with unlimited access

and LOTS of printable materials


How to Boost Your Student's Camera-like Photographic Memory Intake and Recall with Right Brain After-Imaging Play


4-week course with unlimited access

and LOTS of printable materials


How to Super-Charge Your Student's 3D (to 4D) Holographic Memory through Right Brain Imagination Play


4-week course with unlimited access

and LOTS of printable materials

Teacher Training Level 2 Bundle

Bring Right Brain Education into Your Classroom or Home with the first 4 steps of Wink:--Alpha Relaxation, Eye Exercises, PhotoEyeplay, Mental Imaging!


all 4 courses

(savings of $58!)

Level 3

advanced instruction for right brain teachers

Observation Training & Memory Linking

How to See and Remember More with Creative Storytelling and Heightened Right Brain Perception

Coming Soon
Photographic Memory
for Kids

How to Develop Your Child's Right Brain, Multi-sensorial Photographic Memory in a Creative, Upbeat Way

Coming Soon
Speed Reading Practice & Play
for Kids

How to Boost Your Child's Understanding with Playful Right-Brain Speed Reading Techniques

Coming Soon
Teacher Training Level 3 Bundle

Learn the final, powerful steps of Wink:- Observation Training, Memory Linking, Photographic Memory and Speed Reading!

Coming Soon

Level 4

teacher certification


This exciting certification pathway will prepare you to teach children Wink in your classroom or home.

Certification is dependent upon:

[  ] Completion of Levels 1-4

[  ] A video demonstration of Steps 1–7

Please Note: A certification fee (with a practice log documenting a minimum of 100 hrs./yr.) will be required to renew your status each year so that we can maintain the overall integrity of the program.

Coming Soon
Teacher Training
Levels 1-4 Bundle

Sign up for all of the courses together--for one, low, family-friendly price.

Coming Soon
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