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Right Brain Education

Changing the World, One Heart at a Time

Before you begin your right brain journey, you might wish to know a little more about TweedleWink and Wink: the research that our methods are based upon, how they are structured, and how they benefit young children. 

Our Classic, Original Edition
Available on Amazon!

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Right Brain Education - Our original version!

Right Brain Education is an exciting learning method developed to help utilize both sides of the brain -- the logical left brain and the (generally under-utilized) creative right brain. Children and adults alike can learn how to enhance the abilities of the right side of the brain, nurturing one's natural photographic memory and speed-learning capabilities, so that the "whole brain" is equally engaged.

Paperback $14.99
Right Brain Education Book


...with Handy Charts and How-To Steps

This expanded version is now at Amazon.

HOORAY!  Our 10th Anniversary edition is here!  This book builds upon the original, documenting over 30 years of success with our program.  It is jam-packed with philosophy and practical information designed to help you feel confident about using this method with your child.  (274 pages)


This EXPANDED version includes over 100 additional pages, including:

• Updated brain research

• How-to guide for each of the 12 TweedleWink techniques

• Fun DIY material ideas

• Wink right brain exercises (yes, right in the book!)

• Age-by-age Lesson charts and easy-to-follow guides


Use this book as a comprehensive reference guide, or a step-by-step beginner's manual to transform your classroom or homeschool into one that enriches both sides of the brain while honoring the heart.

Paperback $24.99
Kindle ebook $8.99 NEW!
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