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Start your child's learning journey in the womb.


for mommies with precious babies in the womb

This is "ground zero" for your child's lifelong learning journey.

Famous Italian educator, Maria Montessori, was once asked, “When should education begin?”  Her answer?  “Nine months before birth.”  That was nearly 100 years ago.  Now we know that babies in the womb receive physical impressions via the mother’s physical and emotional responses. That’s right.  Everything you think and feel creates an impression on your baby’s development. Did you know that you can maximize and strengthen your child’s sense of sight, sound, taste, touch and overall sense of well-being during these precious months inside you? It's true!


Here are 3 simple things that you can do before your precious bundle of joy appears!

Right Brain Prenatal Meditations

Happy mommy = happy baby.

The mother’s right brain intuitive senses are naturally heightened during pregnancy. It is natural for a mother’s emotions to go up and down. Caring for yourself and taking time to relax and quietly meditate helps you better sense the needs of your developing baby. Deep relaxation techniques will help you prepare for childbirth. Think: Om....


Positive mental and emotional images can assist the mother/child bond. See your baby forming in the womb in a healthy manner -- loved and happy. 

Don’t know how to visualize?  We can help!

Free meditation videos on


Click here to see our printable TweedleWink Prenatal Meditation Coloring Book — complete with week-by-week visualizations to color as you send your baby some love!

TweedleWink Flashcards for Mommy

Did you know that pregnant mother can use flashcards?  It's true!


When we teach the unborn child, we teach the infant through the gentle back and forth flow of the mother’s mental imaging system and the infant’s intuitive reception.

Infants in utero receive currents of information via sound, surges of emotion and thought waves. This stimulation gives newly formed brain cells the mental and emotional nourishment they need to form strong, early connections.

You can flash cards to yourself, or, if you have older children, you can experience flashcard time together!

Begin your gentle flashcard journey now. 

Wink for Expectant Moms and Dads

Super-Charge Your

Right Brain Pathway

Build up and maximize your own right brain abilities while waiting for your little one with Wink!  Wink is a right-brain learning system that helps you access your creative/intuitive faculties with 7 very powerful steps:

  1. Alpha Relaxation

  2. Eye Exercises

  3. PhotoEyeplay

  4. Mental Imaging

  5. Observation Training

  6. Memory Linking

  7. Photographic Memory and Speed Reading 

...and if you have older children, Wink is the perfect way to give them attention, love and an educational boost while getting ready for the big change that is about to happen!

Learn more! 

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