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Online Classes for Children

0-12 years

NEW! LIVE GLOBAL, REAL-TIME  •  heart-based right-brain lessons taught through Zoom


TweedleWink Classes for Ages 0-6


TweedleWink Classroom to You

Zoom for Kids

TweedleWink classes on Zoom are fun and friendly!  They give your child a solid foundation in every academic subject. 

  • Math & Science

  • Reading Readiness (Phonics/Sight Words)

  • Picture-Word Vocabulary Builders

  • World Cultures & Languages

  • Art, Music & Poetry

  • Right Brain Boosters (Speed Reading Preparation and Photographic Memory Play)

  • Montessori Language, Math & Practical Life

Mother and Daughter


Screen Shot 2020-07-08 at 6.07.43 PM.png

“It is very helpful to have these lessons. He was literally a sponge and took everything in as it came to him.”

— TweedleWink parent, mother of 3.5 year old

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Wink Classes for Ages 7- 12


Wink Right Brain Lessons

Zoom for Kids

Wink classes are designed to fully utilize and strengthened your child's photographic abilities.  Speed reading and intuitive-ease in learning become child's play with games and adventures. Each lesson is a unique adventure, and incorporates all of our Wink techniques: 

  • Alpha-wave brain wave state/relaxation

  • Eye exercises/peripheral vision stretches

  • PhotoEyeplay (rods/color cone activation)

  • Mental Imaging (3D to 4D visualization)

  • Observation Training

  • Right Brain Story-telling/Memory Linking

  • Photographic Memory Play

  • Stress-free Speed Reading Practice

Girl with Laptop


Child Planting in Greenhouse
Teacher and Student

“Growing up with TweedleWink and Wink, I didn't feel that different from others. Until I got older.  Things that were difficult for my classmates were easier for me.  I have a creative way of learning and approaching problems that makes them fun.”

— past student

Children Meditating

Learn through Right Brain Imagery and PLAY!

Parents with Child

Follow Your Child's Whole Brain Development

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