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TweedleWink Classes for Ages 0-6

TweedleWink Classroom to You

Zoom for Kids

TweedleWink classes on Zoom are super-fun and friendly!  They give your child a solid foundation in every academic subject.  We pack a lot into each lesson, including: 

  • Math & Science

  • Reading Readiness (Phonics/Sight Words)

  • Picture-Word Vocabulary Builders

  • World Cultures & Languages

  • Art, Music & Poetry

  • Right Brain Boosters (Speed Reading Preparation and Photographic Memory Play)

  • Montessori Language, Math & Practical Life

Happy Twins


Happy Mother with her Child

“A live, hands-on class is always best for this age group, but having live teachers in my home—with access to plenty of resources during the week—allows me to make the most of this time.”

— TweedleWink parent

Happy Family

“Please don't worry if your little one likes to move. All children do! We use clever techniques to ensure high-quality input during class.

We'll do our very best to keep the class lively, loving and FUN!”

— TweedleWink teacher

Wink Classes for Ages 7- 12

Wink Right Brain Lessons

Zoom for Kids

Wink classes are designed to fully utilize and strengthened your child's photographic abilities.  Speed reading and intuitive-ease in learning become child's play with games and adventures. Each lesson is a unique adventure, and incorporates all of our Wink techniques: 

  • Alpha-wave brain wave state/relaxation

  • Eye exercises/peripheral vision stretches

  • PhotoEyeplay (rods/color cone activation)

  • Mental Imaging (3D to 4D visualization)

  • Observation Training

  • Right Brain Story-telling/Memory Linking

  • Photographic Memory Play

  • Stress-free Speed Reading Practice

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Child Planting in Greenhouse
Teacher and Student

“Growing up with TweedleWink and Wink, I didn't feel that different from others. Until I got older.  Things that were difficult for my classmates were easier for me.  I have a creative way of learning and approaching problems that makes them fun.”

— past student

Children Meditating

Learn through Right Brain Imagery and PLAY!

Parents with Child

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