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Mother and Baby on Floor

6 months - 6 years

TweedleWink gives your child a head start in life by maximizing the right brain absorbent mind window during these earlier years. We teach knowledge-building lessons in the areas of math, science, reading, vocabulary, foreign languages, music, world culture, and art with a heart-based, loving, playful approach that sets the learning foundation for the future.

Kids Playing Treasure Hunt

7 years and above

Wink is a balanced whole brain program, it teaches children and adults how to combine left and right brain functions to develop right brain abilities such as photographic memory, speed reading, creative, intuitive problem solving etc. It is designed to build confidence, enhance memory, self-esteem, and accelerate learning, creating a well-rounded whole-brain approach to learning.

3 - 6 years




Let your child experience the old adage - "learning to read is child's play!" with our Appleseed Right Brain Montessori Reading Program. We use flashcards, songs, right brain games, eye exercises, grammar play, spelling play, rhymes, and hands-on writing and drawing practice to reinforce your child's confidence in phonics and sight words.


3 - 6 years

Your child will thrive in our uniquely blended preschool with an American right brain curriculum in a Montessori setting. It is designed to maximize your child’s early learning potential in a  loving, positive and playful environment that sets the learning foundation and joy for lifelong learning.


Whole brain classes to suit your lifestyle

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