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TweedleWink Preschool

Our TweedleWink Preschool is the first to combine the right brain approach with Montessori philosophy. Our daily program includes both a Montessori learning period and daily right brain lessons based on our enrichment program, which covers all major areas of Science, Math, Music, Language, Phonics, World Culture, Art and Music. Our school is built around loving language and positive discipline in a Montessori environment.


Our daily schedule takes students on a journey filled with imagination, observation training, memory linking, photographic memory and speed reading. Our lessons are crafted to keep the right brain pathway open and strong. An active, creative and insightful right brain, in balance with the logical, methodical and process-oriented left brain is vital to our children’s future.


This gentle and loving approach to whole-brain integration ensures that children build essential social, mental and emotional skills while building rich neurone connections, planting the seeds of creativity, imagination, problem solving ability and loving compassion to humanity.

“Children are human beings to whom respect is due, superior to us by reason of their innocence and of the greater possibilities of their future… Let us treat them with all the kindness which we would wish to help to develop in them.”     —Dr. Maria Montessori

Dear Parents,

We're so very honored to be able to share our Right Brain Montessori preschool programwith you.  


Our preschool is the first of its kind. It has been designed to help enrich your child’s heart, mind, body and inner spirit through a culture of Montessori-inspired learning.

Walk into our classroom and you will see:

  • small, loving, family-like learning groups

  • right-brain sponge-like learning techniques

  • Montessori-inspired left-brain academics

  • beautifully creative, cutting-edge materials

  • team-building, social skills and respect

  • independent, intuitive exploration

  • a well-designed environment

  • loving relationships

  • purposeful play

... all in an atmosphere of love and respect.

Our goal is to maximize and strengthen your preschool child’s love of learning and overall sense of confidence and well-being (IQ & EQ) for a wonderful start in life.

Much love,

Wennie and Pamela

Want to learn more about our program?

Contact us to schedule a visit to one of our centers.





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