Right Brain Education Program

Early Education for the 21st Century

Right Brain Education for Whole Brain Activation

TweedleWink and Wink help you maximize your child's potential—from infancy, preschool, elementary and teens—with two distinct right brain education programs that accelerate heart and mind. Think: right-brain active imagination and innovation, speed reading and photographic memory combined with logical left-brain communication and problem solving.  Our program brings together more than 30 years of experience, Montessori principles and Nobel Prize - winning research. 

Online Classes from the Comfort of Your Home

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Our rich, brain-building curriculum is now fully supported through online classes! With the option of live classes or pre-recorded ones, right brain education is now at your fingertips.


Which program is right for you?


For children aged

7 years and above

For children aged

6 months to 7 years

From $25 / lesson


$12 / lesson


A Blended Right Brain Montessori Program

Boost your child's right brain today!

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