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Learn to read with... TweedleWink! Wink Adventure Stories - Supercharge your child's right brain! TweedleWink DVDs - Hundreds of flashcards! Wink - Right Brain Education for ages 4-100! TweedleWink classes - FUN for everyone! TweedleWink - Right Brain Education for ages 0-3!
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Our new TweedleWink Center in Puchong opened January 2015, and we are still accepting applications for children's right brain enrichment programs..

TweedleWink Right Brain Preschool Appearing Live at KL Expo
TweedleWink Right Brain Kids at 2017 Expo in Penang, Malaysia
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Parent Testimonials - THANK YOU!
Slideshow on YouTube: What is TweedleWink?

Life Changing Experiences for All of Us
The Value of Learning
with Joy
A New Way to Bring Up
My Little Girl
Positive Discipline
and Kind Words
Five Stars!
Learning Intelligent Friendly Education
Media Appearances
Above: BFM Radio Malaysia interview (in English) of Wennie talking about Right Brain Education and TweedleWink. [YouTube]
Below: Link to radio show [Same audio]
TV interview (in Chinese) of Wennie talking about Right Brain Education and the programs TweedleWink and Wink for a Chinese TV news show in Malaysia.
TV interview (in English and Chinese) of Pamela and Wennie talking about Right Brain Education and the programs TweedleWink and Wink. (Broadcast for a mostly Chinese audience in Malaysia.)

Parents Talk About TweedleWink.
What do they say? Watch these parents and hear how TweedleWink has advanced their children.
Wennie (one of the founders of Right Brain Kids) gives a presentation about the TweedleWink program.
New to Right Brain Kids and TweedleWink? Watch Pamela and Wennie (founders of Right Brain Kids) as they introduce you to our program.

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