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...from our hearts to yours.

We are thrilled to be able to share more our right brain programs to boost and accelerate your heart and mind.

What is Right Brain Education?

Think: photographic, musical, emotional, playful and fun.

What is "right brain education" and why is it so important in the new millennium?  Simply stated: in a left-brain world of logic, methods and linear thinking, right-brain, creative, out-of-the-box thinking brings wholeness and balance.  We need BOTH.

What is the "right brain"?

Learn what "right brain" means, what it means to early childhood education, and why it is important to cultivate. (11:48 min.)

What is "right brain education"?

Here's a quick understanding of right brain education in Mandarin Chinese/English.

(5:30 min.)

Interview with Wennie & Pamela

Learn more about our founders and how they bring the best of East and West together.

(18:59 min.)

Early Learning

Right Brain Education for Babies, Toddlers and Preschool



Our classroom lessons feature 8 areas: Vision Enhancement, Vocabulary Boosters, World Cultures, Music, Reading, Math, Science, and Art.  Also: character-building stories, practical life lessons and plenty of movement is sprinkled throughout the curriculum.

Foundations of Genius (Part 1)

"What is Right Brain Education?"

(5:00 min.)

World Cultures

Global cultures, geography and languages 

(3:43 min.)

Foundations of Genius (Part 2)

"What is Right Brain Education?"

(6:15 min.)

Music and Reading

Montessori-inspired music and language

(3:16 min.)

Vision Enhancement

Playful eye exercises for little ones

(2:31 min.)

Math, Science and Art

Important foundations for lifelong learning 

(4:10 min.)


Flashcard Lesson Demos

Gentle video flashcards that build powerful connections in the brain.

Our 48 video flashcard lessons were created to make flashcard time short & sweet, leaving the rest of the day for exploration and play. Each Lesson takes about ten minutes or less -- just the right amount of time for a young child's attention span.  Take a look!

TweedleWink Lesson  2

Important early concepts in math, science, language, art, music and more. (7:20 min.)

TweedleWink Lesson 32

Each lesson builds more connections in the brain—important for EQ & IQ. (8:45 min.)

TweedleWink Lesson 44

Later lessons weave concepts together to accelerate heart and mind. (10:55 min.)

"My daughter is 3.  She points out cumulus clouds, identifies birds, knows what the periodic table is, and enjoys poetry. She sees the world in a deep and beautiful way." —Margie, a TweedleWink Mom


Videos & Screen Time

Why TweedleWink Videos? Are they safe?  What do you recommend?

As parents, you put your child's education in our hands. We want you to know the science behind what our flashcard videos do and why just 10 minutes a day can make a difference in brain development. These videos include an in-depth explanation.

10 minutes a day.

Children primarily learn from playing, moving, talking, and watching other humans. Our video flashcards are short and sweet.  We use them as tools to teach information quickly, leaving the rest of the day free for play. 

Screen Time & TweedleWink 

Why TweedleWink Videos? Are they safe?

(17:37 min.)

Screen Time & Wink

How does screen time effect children’s right brain abilities? (13:28 min.)

Right Brain Acceleration

All children have an inner genius. Let's help them discover it!



Our Wink program is designed to utilize the right brain hemisphere and link it to the left for whole-brain connectivity and thought. 

What is Wink?

Why do children need right brain education? What does it do? (9:52 min.)

7 Steps to Photographic Learning

What are the 7 steps of Wink?  Give them a try!  (7:40 min.)


Prenatal Meditations

Positive thoughts and images from conception to birth.

Research now confirms that positive thoughts and emotions impact the developing baby in the womb.  Our videos take you through a simple guided meditation, including: (1) a scientific explanation of what's happening in the womb, (2) color therapy with a music meditation featuring Ludwig von Beethoven's symphonies, (3) and positive affirmations.  There's one for each month of pregnancy!

Month 1

Conception and Creation—Week 1 to 7 

(8:40 min.)

Month 2

The Physical Blueprint—Week 8 to 12 

(7:28 min.)

Month 3

Healthy Emotional Foundation—Week 13 to 16 (6:21 min.)

Month 4

Wholeness and Holiness—Week 17 to 20 

(7:37 min.)

Month 7

Active Thought—Week 30 to 33 

(7:34 min.)

Month 5

Sensorial Awakening—Week 21 to 24 

(5:59 min.)

Month 8

Getting Ready—Week 34 to 37 

(8:06 min.)

Month 6

Mother-Child Bonding—Week 25 to 29 (6:21 min.)

Month 9

Birth—Week 38 to birth 

(8:10 min.)

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