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"Right Brain Education: Changing the World, One Heart at a Time" by Pamela Sue Hickein is the book that will please newcomers, as well as those of you who may already know about Right Brain Education. 


Children and adults alike can learn how to develop the right side of the brain, nurturing natural photographic memory and speed-learning capabilities. When both sides of the brain are used, your child’s true genius can shine!


This book helps explain the important distinctions between the two Right Brain Education programs — TweedleWink and Wink — which correspond to the two distinct stages of your child’s development:


Here’s a list of the chapters:

  • Foreward
  • Welcome
  • Today’s Child
  • Your Child’s Amazing Right Brain
  • The Magical World of the Right Brain
  • Teaching Both Sides of the Brain
  • Becoming an Awesome Right-Brain Teacher
  • Putting It All Together
  • TweedleWink
  • Wink
  • Afterward
  • Recommended Reading

Our mission
Our mission is to provide high-quality educational products that nourish the heart and mind of children of all ages through a method we call Right Brain Education. In our experience, this mission has already touched hundreds of families lives--including those who have been labeled with many so-called "learning disabilities." In our eyes, the right brain can shine through play & love.


The world is facing serious challenges. The solutions will come from our children.  Right Brain Education is truly a method that changes the parents and teachers as we teach it to our children. This impact is lifelong and profound. And currently, there is no other educational method like it out there.


Join the fun!


Includes: One printed softcover book (160 pages)

Right Brain Education (book)

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