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We have teamed up with Amazon to offer our children’s books in paperback and Kindle formats. See what’s new!

Our Right Brain Books on Amazon

Right Brain Know-How for Parents and Teachers


Right Brain Education

Changing the World,

One Heart at a Time

Right Brain Education is an exciting learning method developed to help utilize both sides of the brain — the logical left brain and the (generally under-utilized) creative right brain.


Children and adults alike can learn how to enhance the abilities of the right side of the brain, nurturing one's natural photographic memory and speed-learning capabilities, so that the “whole brain” is equally engaged. When both sides of the brain are used, a person’s true genius can shine! Hickein’s heart-based approach to right-brain learning consists of two main programs, which correspond to two distinct stages of development.


In the TweedleWink early learning program, children ages zero to three learn quickly because they are in an “absorbent right-brain state.”

Just ten minutes a day of gentle exposure to 12 simple right-brain techniques is enough to enhance a child's quality of life.


Later when a child's logical left brain begins to emerge, the gentle seven-step approach of the Wink program helps maintain and activate a child’s — or an adult’s — right-brain pathway, thus enhancing photographic memory, enabling speed-learning and promoting other right-brain abilities.


Right Brain Education


HOORAY!  Our 10th Anniversary edition is here!  This book builds upon the original, documenting over 30 years of success with our program.  It is jam-packed with philosophy and practical information designed to help you feel confident about using this method with your child.  


This EXPANDED version includes over 100 additional pages, including:

• Updated brain research

• How-to guide for each of the 12 TweedleWink techniques

• Fun DIY material ideas

• Wink right brain exercises (yes, right in the book!)

• Age-by-age Lesson charts and easy-to-follow guides


Use this book as a comprehensive reference guide, or a step-by-step beginner's manual to transform your classroom or homeschool into one that enriches both sides of the brain while honoring the heart.


Right Brain Activation

A Right Brain Tune-Up for Teens and Adults

Have you ever wondered how it would feel to use more of your right brain? Experience a Wink right brain workshop for adults (as it was delivered during a live event) through this eBook. Follow along, page by page, as Pamela Hickein, the founder of Wink: Right Brain Education, helps you reawaken your own right brain faculties.


You'll be introduced to all seven steps of Wink:

WINK: Right Brain Education
Step 1: Alpha Wave Relaxation
Step 2: Eye Exercises
Step 3: PhotoEyeplay
Step 4: Mental Imaging
Step 5: Observation Training
Step 6: Memory Linking
Step 7: Photographic Memory & Speed Reading

Includes a full transcript of the event, as well as all the workshop materials: actual hand-outs used at the event, detailed explanations, the guided activities for after-imaging, memory retrieval, speed reading, deep relaxation, and more!



Gentle Early

Right Brain Enrichment Program 

Homeschooling Parent and Teacher Training Manual 


This comprehensive book includes over 330 pages of instruction to help you start a basic early learning program in your home.  Learn how to incorporate the 12 TweedleWink Techniques into your child's life at 6 unique stages... from prenatal to preschool:

The 12 TweedleWink Techniques

1. Love — Loving contact and communication with parent

2. Image — (1) Mentally imaging health and happiness for your child; (2) Supporting 4D+ imagination

3. Flash — Showing high-quality flash cards at a one-second-per-card rate

4. Listen — Playing high-quality audio at optimum times of the day

5. Talk — Fun verbal sound play with phonics and words

6. Track — Visual tracking stimulation

7. Move — Left-right body movement

8. Think — Matching, sequencing, organizing information

9. Draw — Writing and drawing shapes, pictures, letters and words

10. Do — Arts and crafts, practical life

11. Read — Reading books, math and language activity books

12. Fly! — A gentle transition to Wink photographic memory and speed reading activities

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