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REALLY Seeing Our Children: Symptoms vs. Super Powers

WHAT A BEAUTIFUL CHART! This golden nugget is found in "The ADD & ADHD Answer Book" By Susan Ashley Ph.D. And it begs the question...

Do you consider your child's "special needs" and behaviors a weakness or a super power?

As a mom of children on the autism spectrum (and a husband with Aspergers), I am guilty of seeing my loved ones in both lights. When I'm positive, then my family feels loved and the climb to their highest levels of creativity and self-confidence. And when I'm tired, or have stretched my energy too far, or have been around so-called "normal" families, I hear the whispers of my own fears listing all the faults of those I dearly love.

But, here's the thing. Right brain children can be extra-sensitive to frequencies. That includes:

temperature, light, sound, textiles (clothing, furniture, bedding, etc.), color, music, voices, emotions, plants, animals, pace of lessons, pace of change, pace of life...

They are also sensitive to thoughts and feelings.

If you have children with right brain superpowers or special needs—and in these times, most of us do—how you view your child depends upon... (1) your outlook (2) the preparedness of your space/program/home (3) the preparedness of your heart & mind

So, take a breath. Take time for yourself. Rest. Rejuvenate. Recharge. Then, come back and look at your child's behaviors from another point of view.

See your children's super powers.

Then, they will start to see and believe in them, too! <3

Love, Pamela


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