Right Brain Kids, Left Brain Schools

What if My Right-Brain Child is in a Left-Brain School?

Albert Einstein once said, "It is a miracle that curiosity survives formal education."









… Joy!

These are all traits we'd rather our children keep and sustain.

But, sometimes schools preoccupied with grading and goal-setting lose their focus—the well-being of our children.  And in the process, our children lose their desire to learn.

LOSING THE SPIRIT 6-year-old Frankie was a vibrant child who loved life.  At home, his parents had set up learning corners and outdoor guarded play areas.  Throughout the day, Frankie would draw and paint, help his mother with cooking or cleaning, write creative stories, sing and dance to learning songs, spend quiet time with math workbooks or sit and read. Growing up in this environment, he was a happy, bright, beaming little boy. One day, his mother e-mailed us. Frankie was unhappy. His grandparents had spent a lot of money for tuition at a private school and he did not like it. This once passionate, curious boy, who loved to experiment and play, was depressed. After a few months at school, he cried before leaving home each morning. His mother didn't know what to do. Frankie would describe how other children were humiliated by the teacher if they spoke out of turn. He was adapting to a highly-scheduled day, and when he did like an activity, the teachers would pull him out of his project before he was ready to switch his focus. He had to sit still. He had to focus on a single whiteboard at the front of the room. Frankie's mother asked: "How can a right-brain child stay in school without losing his spirit?"

Good question.  

How do right-brain children survive in left-brain schools? Let me begin by saying that there are a growing number of teachers--caring, enlightened teachers--who make a big difference for children who are lucky enough to be in their classrooms.

But, the truth is that it is a challenge to keep the right-brain pathway alive and active as children grow older in left-brain educational systems--east or west.   Change must take place.  And the time is now. The Power is in Your Hands

You have choices.  If your child is in school and you feel like their spirit is unable to shine, then here are your options.

  1. Talk to your child's teacher.  This is not an easy option, but, it could make a world of difference. If you believe that creative learning is important, then talk to your child's teacher about your concerns. You might be surprised at the results.

  2. Create a right-brain learning corner. If talking to your teacher doesn't yield results and you cannot change schools, then boost your child's right-brain creativity at home. You can create a right-brain learning corner for homework or continued learning of other subjects that he really likes. Use this learning corner to support and encourage your child each day.

  3. Find a different school.  If you can find another school that combines right-brain creativity and flexibility with left-brain academic standards--within your price range--then a change in your child's environment to one that is truly positive will uplift and inspire your child, and affect your whole family.

  4. Homeschool.  Homeschooling is only an option if you have the time and resources to do it. If you can, then time spent with your child can be highly rewarding and his right-brain genius can shine in a highly attentive environment.

You Can Help Your School Become More Creative

You may have heard our rallying cry: "Changing the world... one heart at a time."  Love, respect and support is powerful.  If you want to see a change, as Mahatma Gandhi says, "be the change." If your child is not fitting in at school, please consider it an opportunity to make a positive change in your corner of the world.  Frustrated with the current situation?  Offer a helpful solution.  Your voice and words of encouragement could really inspire another to do better.



If you would like to inspire real change at school, please consider these steps.