Pregnancy and Right Brain Babies In the Womb

5 Insights that Will Change Your Pregnancy

The TweedleWink right-brain prenatal program is now over 20 years old.  Over this precious time, we've discovered how to help mothers connect with, and educate, babies in the womb.  We do so using five gifts of insight--key concepts and abilities that are present during pregnancy.  

  1. Your baby has a voice.

  2. Your baby communicates with frequencies.

  3. Your baby feels loved when you respond.

  4. Your connection grows through practice.

  5. If you can communicate, you can educate.

Let me explain. 

INSIGHT 1: Your baby has a voice.

Every baby in the womb has a voice and has something to say.  It may not be verbally expressed.  But, it's there.  You can hear it if you listen with right-brain intuition.         


Sandra was a chef who had married late in her career.  When she became pregnant,         she was eager to cook delicious, nutritious food for her developing baby.  She began       right brain prenatal classes when she was only 4 months pregnant, and each week she shared amazing new stories of how her baby would direct her to use certain foods and avoid others while she cooked for herself.  Some of her most favorite foods were left untouched on the shelves during pregnancy because she could feel that her baby would not care for them.          

"How do you know your baby won't like them?" we asked.          

"Well, as a chef, when I think about a recipe, I can already sense the taste in my mind."    

She smiled, "Then I feel either a happy, excited feeling about eating, or I hear or see         a big NO in my mind."  

INSIGHT 2: Your baby communicates with frequencies.

Dr. Celeste A. Miller writes, “The right brain function is based on the notion that all things exist as subatomic particles that vibrate at ultra-high frequency.  The right brain is somehow equipped like a tuning fork to receive and process these frequencies which are perceived as thoughts, images, feelings colors and sensations, but not necessarily at the conscious level.”


Camella was 7 months pregnant when she joined class.  Her child had strong opinions     about music.  When she went out with her husband, the baby would kick and she would  see "red" when certain music was played in a store or restaurant.  She had to leave        in order to feel peaceful once again.          

"Do you see a color when your baby is happy?" one of the mothers in class asked.          

"Yes! " she emphatically replied. "I see different colors for different kinds of happy feelings."  

INSIGHT 3: Your baby feels loved when you respond.

Prenatal communication IS possible.  It happens whether or not we are actually aware of it.  We need to listen… and respond.


Betsy was 6 months pregnant.  To ease her housework, her husband had purchased         a new vacuum cleaner.  She excitedly plugged it in and turned it on.          

Suddenly, her baby startled and began to kick violently.  She turned it off.          

She could feel a heightened sense of fear--although she felt that it was not her own.         

She immediately closed her eyes and sent love to her baby, rubbing her tummy, singing   soothingly:  "It's okay, baby.  You are safe and sound