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Neurons are Hardwired Differently in the Right and Left Hemispheres

A team of scientists from UCL have just published additional information about how the right and left brains differ--at the cellular level.

As many of you know, Right Brain Education is based upon the belief that each hemisphere is responsible for a different type of mental processing--and that only the left-brain is used widely in the schools of today.

Left side of the brain = analytical thought (linear, logical, methodical) Right side of the brain = creative thought (intuition, inspiration, photo-memory)

Right Brain Education teaches how to involve the dormant right brain into any academic program and setting. But in order to do so, solid scientific research must back what we've seen for years in the classroom.

This research explains for the first time how neurons are hard wired DIFFERENTLY in each hemisphere.

It's very exciting!

SOURCE: Brain asymmetry is encoded at the level of axon terminal morphology Isaac H Bianco, Matthias Carl, Claire Russell, Jonathan DW Clarke and Stephen W Wilson Neural Development


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