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Famous Italian educator, Maria Montessori, was once asked, "When should education begin?" Her answer? "Nine months before birth." Right-brain prenatal education is based on the premise that babies in the womb receive impressions via the mother's physical and emotional responses. Tracking your baby's development in the womb, while meditating on beautiful images, educational concepts and inspiring music sets the stage for a lifetime of learning.


Studies show that a positive mental and emotional images sent from mother to child during pregnancy can encourage psychological and emotional well-being. That's right. Everything you think and feel creates an impression on your baby’s development. But, sometimes it is difficult to know what to say or do when connecting with the baby in the womb. TweedleWink's Prenatal Development e-book & coloring book set has been designed to help you visualize your child’s development from week to week.

Feel your child.  Calm your breath.  Send your love.  Start your little one's life off right with music, coloring books and meditation.



  • TweedleWink Prenatal Development ebook —1 full-color ebook with week-by-week depictions of the baby in the womb—from conception to birth!
  • TweedleWink Prenatal Coloring Book —1 printable book complete with 40 beautiful images of your child's journey in the womb.  Color as your pregnancy progresses!  Celebrate each week.  Send happy thoughts to your child.

TweedleWink Prenatal Meditation Bundle (digital)

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