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The TweedleWink Phonics Playbook series presents learning phonics concepts in a right-brain manner using imagery, songs, rhymes, touch and playful interaction.


TweedleWink activity workbooks (which we re-label as "playbooks") are a great complement to our TweedleWink Lessons on DVD or our live TweedleWink classes. The activities in the playbooks help your child more fully connect with -- and reinforce -- the information presented on the DVDs or from classes.


This package includes the TweedleWink Phonics Letter-Writing Songs on audio CD presenting each letter of the English alphabet -- and a few of the more common phonograms -- in 30 letter-writing ("tracing") songs sung by Pamela Hickein, the creator of TweedleWink and Wink.


Singing the letter-writings songs with your child helps instill a sense of fun and play while your child is learning how to write each letter of the English alphabet.


The playbook builds four skills:

  • Touch Chart - Recognition of letters and phonics sounds through the activity of looking, touching, listening (to) and saying each of 30 basic phonics sounds

  • Phonics - Teaches the writing strokes while learning the phonic sound

  • Reading - Provides simple word examples with drawings for your child to color to promote the symbol-to-sound connection

  • Pencil Control - Fosters early hand-eye coordination and whole-brain thinking skills


Note: Level 1 is our most basic starter level. It is suitable for children from about ages 2 to 4 who can speak and scribble, and who have the ability to focus on an activity for at least three minutes. Lower-case letters are presented only (i.e., no capital letters).


Includes: One color printed soft-bound playbook (64 pages) and one audio CDof 30 letter-writing songs.

TweedleWink Phonics (book & CD)

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