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TweedleWink Language Printables... just for you!


This set is for parents and teachers who want to save money by printing and laminating their own lesson materials.



This bundle includes flashcards and matching cards to promote phonemic awareness, sight word memory and vocabulary play.



  1. Colors flashcards 
  2. Shapes flashcards 
  3. Colors & Shapes matching cards



  1. Phonics flashcards
  2. Phonics matching cards: pictures, letters, words
  3. Phonics touch chart



  1. Sight Words: Commonly Used Words
  2. Sight Words: Adjectives
  3. Sight Words: Verb Tense
  4. Sight Words: Sentence Structure


Includes: one zipped file including all of the above (digital, printable files, full-color except for Shapes flashcards and matching cards which are black-and-white)

TweedleWink Print & Play Bundle: EARLY READING (digital)

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