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TweedleWink Math Printables... just for you!


This set is for parents and teachers who want to save money by printing and laminating their own lesson materials.


Why Math Flashcards?

Left-brain math is most commonly taught in school, beginning with symbols which represent number quantities. Then it progresses–logically, of course–to addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and on and on to more complex equations. So when is the right brain involved? Actually, we use it first. As children, we learn quantities and geometric shapes quickly. Two eyes. Two ears. Ten fingers. Ten toes.

These number quantities are associated with picture images and the right brain just soaks it up. People from indigenous cultures excel at right-brain math. They can scan a field scattered with antelope and know that there are 86 antelope there after just one glance. They don’t count. They don’t group and multiply. They just look and know. The right brain processes picture images quickly. It slows down for any step-by-step process. Unless the numeral symbols are linked to the corresponding picture images in the mind (i.e. the symbol 8 being linked to the picture of eight), the right brain is left behind in left-brain math.

When you teach babies and young children math with quantity concepts—such as a group of dots which represent a number—the neurological pathways used for math are stimulated and kept active for later learning. When the right brain is used in math, scanning for answers becomes intuitive and helps accelerate answers to equations. The use of both sides of the brain in math supports both logical and intuitive approaches to information processing and problem



This bundle includes flashcards, matching cards and a tactile "touch chart"—very effective when teaching young children about number quantities in a fun, hands-on way.


  1. Math Spot flashcards (1-100)
  2. Math matching cards (1-20)
  3. Math flashcards (1-20)
  4. Math touch chart (1-30)


Includes: one zipped file including all of the above (digital, printable files, full-color)

TweedleWink Print & Play Bundle: EARLY MATH (digital)

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