TweedleWink is a program designed to maximize your child’s natural sponge-like learning state, beginning from birth. Your child can easily absorb information in less than ten minutes a day — quickly, joyfully, without any stress. 


TweedleWink provides the tools to help you...

  • Build a large mental library of images—from scientific concepts, musical notes, fine art, poetry and more!

  • Harness the vast creative power of the right brain, beginning from birth

  • Help your child can easily absorb information in less than ten minutes a day — quickly, joyfully, and without stress.

  • Enrich your child's life and help him develop his very best potential — right now, and in the future

  • Keep your child's right brain actively working in harmony with the left brain, thus becoming more "whole brain."

Seeds of Knowledge

Everything your child sees, hears, and experiences becomes a part of a vast "mental library." TweedleWink lessons maximize this window of opportunity with high-quality information and images.  Every TweedleWink lesson includes about 200 flashcards—that over 9,500 images for the whole program!  We include both video and audio (from a native speaker), so you don't have to worry about English pronounciation if it's not your native tongue. 


Super-Rich Curriculum

Each and every lesson includes :

  • Math
  • Science
  • Early-Reading Skills — both phonics and sight words!
  • Vocabulary
  • Vision Development/Speed Reading Readiness
  • Art
  • Music
  • Poetry
  • Positive Affirmations
  • World Cultures and Geography


Positive Foundation

Our video lessons begin and end with positive affirmations and love.  We do our best to encourage that communication between you and your little one.  This is not only a time of building brain cells and connections—but also an overall sense of wellbeing and wholeness.


48 Lessons for Your Child's Whole Childhood

In our TweedleWink program, each lesson contains information that grows with your child.  Our Math, Music and Language lessons build in complexity over the course of the program.  Our Science, Art, Vocabulary and World Cultures/Geography Lessons explore new themes from lesson to lesson.  And when your child has completed all 48 lessons, begin again!  The brain is rapidly making new neural connections throughout childhood, so when our program is repeated, it makes new links while exciting old memories.  For this reason, TweedleWink lessons can be used and recycled throughout your child's first years of life.  (In class, we use them up to age 6-7, depending upon the child's need for input.)



Twelve physical DVDs, the digital TweedleWink Overview Chart, the digital TweedleWink Introductory Guide, and the digital DVD User Guide (The digital files are an immediate download after checkout).

TweedleWink Flashcard Program (12-DVD set)

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