The Wink: Right Brain Education Seven-Step Package is a revolutionary learning product developed with families in mind. It's perfect for parents because it's a quick and easy way of promoting accelerated learning abilities and photographic memory enhancement in their children. And it's perfect for children because of its gentle and fun exercises that nurture their natural right brain abilities -- the creative, intuitive and super-absorbent qualities -- to help them maintain their natural curiosity and love of learning.



In a word... everyone!  Wink is designed to draw out the inquisitive childlike learning qualities of all ages -- younger ones, as well as teens, adults and seniors.

The Wink kit includes:

  • Wink Program Overview and Guide

  • Wink Quick Start Chart

  • Step 1: Wink Alpha Relaxation

    • Guided Meditation on audio CD (spoken, with gentle music in the background -- not a music CD)
    • Surfing the Alpha Wave music CD by Shawndeya 
  • Step 2: Wink Eye Exercises

    • Eye Exercise Cards
  • Step 3: Wink PhotoEyeplay

    • Visual Activation DVD
    • PhotoEyeplay Deluxe Card Set
    • PhotoEyeplay Color Art Shapes
  • Step 4: Wink Mental Imaging

    • Mental Imaging DVD
  • Step 5: Wink Observation Training

    • Observation Training DVD
  • Step 6: Wink Memory Linking

    • The Memory Train Cards Set
    • The Memory Train Audio CD
    • The Memory Train Small Starter Cards set
  • Step 7: Wink Photographic Memory and Speed Reading

    • Photographic Memory and Speed Reading DVD
    • The Memory Zoo card set
    • Grid Cards and Color Blocks


The Wink kit is designed to systematically open and activate your child's right brain photographic learning abilities.  Helping others realize their highest potential -- free from constraints or limited expectations -- is the greatest gift you can give to your child or loved ones, as well as to all life. 


Wink is an exhiliration and an acceleration of the senses. 

The Wink Kit (DVDs, CDs, cards & handbook)

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