Choosing Music for Your Child’s Right Brain

What type of music should be played in the classroom or home to achieve the best results?

It depends. Some music will create a calming, peaceful setting. Others will help you stimulate movement and lift depression.

When choosing music, please keep these tips in mind:


When you are going into a deep, right-brain, relaxed state, playing the music that matches the frequency of the right brain can accelerate the process. The best musical selections are those which beat with the rhythm of the heart—again, your body’s own rhythm.

Parents and teachers ESPECIALLY need to be able to slip into this relaxed state as infants and children often function in this frequency throughout the day. Understanding occurs when you are on the same frequency. It helps us respond more effectively.

Choose a DANCING RHYTHM when you want to be HAPPY

Periodically, it is good to stop the monotony of life and just dance with our children. They love it. We love it. And memories are made on a feeling of celebration. Fast paced rhythms full of fun and life. When choosing a "dancing rhythm" note that it will speed the pace of the heart momentarily to get your chi flowing, your body moving and put a big smile on your face.


As teachers and parents, we must be aware of how our own mood levels effect the children in our care. Listen to relaxing music and choose your favorite selections. Put them onto a CD and play whenever you need an emotional boost. Music can help you shift from one state of mind to another QUICKLY.


The right brain sponges up nuances of thought and emotion. Happy lyrics will encourage the brain to link to sad memories, thoughts and emotions. Sad lyrics will do the same. So, when choosing music that includes lyrics, carefully listen through, and ask yourself: "Is this something that instills a sense of happiness?"