Brighten Your Child's Day (Part 2)

Has your child had a rough week? Here are more ways to connect with your child and soothe negative emotions.


In our 0-3 classes, parents attend, too. Before we begin, we give Mommy or Daddy the opportunity to hold and hug their child while singing the "I Love You" song. (This song is on our YouTube site.) With older children, we imagine Mommy and Daddy or we hug each other.

Author Patricia Dejoseph shares, "Our very beginnings on this planet give evidence to the importance of hugging. As tiny infants, we quickly learn to extend our arms to be picked up and to be loved. Touching gives us more insight into our exciting new world than our visual contact. Our mother's touch calms and comforts us. We feel safe and protected in her arms. And we connect with the love emanating from her heart.

Virginia Satir, a noted family therapist says, "We need 4 hugs a day for survival. We need 8 hugs a day for maintenance. We need 12 hugs a day for growth."


When a child is hurting, and it's too soon to use words, then it's time for a hug.

  1. Open your arms.

  2. If the child comes to you, then hug for not 1 second, not 2 seconds... but for 5 whole seconds.

  3. End with caring eye contact and a smile.


One very effective way to treat the little hurts that come our way is to release negative memories through a form of acupressure called EFT, or Emotional Freedom Technique. It is quick, easy to learn, and easy to use in any situation—large or small.

As EFT founder, Gary Craig shared:

The basic idea is simple. Every night, while children are being tucked into bed, parents should ask... "Can you tell me about your good and bad thoughts as well as the good and bad things that happened to you today?"

Then, as the events are being told (both good and bad), the parents should lightly and lovingly either tap or gently rub the EFT points.

There are 9 points. You can use all 9 with children, or you can simplify the process to just one: the "karate chop" point. It is located on the side of the palm.

To download a free manual to learn EFT for yourself, your family, or your classroom, click here.

Please Note: Right Brain Kids does not have an affiliate relationship with this site or profit from referrals in any way. We just really, really, love this technique.

We want to see all obstacles to right brain development cleared so that you and your child's potential can fully blossom and shine! As you can see, the right brain journey is one of love and healing.

May you enjoy every step!