A Step Beyond Math Cards

Math flashcards enhance a child's lifelong ability to understand and quickly compute math. We've used them for years with very young children and have seen how simple exposure to math flashcards using dots, not numbers, increases overall intelligence.

From time to time we receive questions from parents who have used math cards and hit a snag. Here's a letter from an at-home mother with a 2-year-old daughter.

"I've shown my daughter all 100 dot flashcards and accompanying equations. She no longer wants to see them, so I won't repeat them. Does her disinterest mean that she has the information? What do I do now?"

This is a common question.

The right brain takes images in once and commits it to subconscious memory. The key is to link this memory to the left brain in a fun way. For math, we combine a number of teaching techniques to keep the learning process fun and ALIVE!

We play a variety of games with colorful dots, stars, and other images which teach quantity. TweedleWink Math games help reinforce information already received through flashcards, like the Doman red dot cards. Incidentally, we seldom use Doman cards. They can be used with newborns or first-time learners, but ideally, math concepts should be presented in a variety of ways that are continually interesting and inviting for the child.

Here are a few ideas to use in the classroom and at home.

  1. FUN FLASHCARDS Flashcards are fun when you make your own cards using bright stickers: apples, strawberries, tropical birds, frogs, stars, clowns, giraffes...

  2. JUMBO DICE Next time you are shopping at a variety store, keep an eye out for large sturdy foam dice. We roll the dice and take turns shouting out the number of dots that come to the surface. Roll the pair to begin simple addition.

  3. MATH POSTERS Put the math concepts (dots, numerals, equations) on the wall for the child to absorb while playing or learning other subjects. You can even put pockets on the posters and make matching cards to interact/play with.

To learn more about the TweedleWink program and how it can help your child, please join us at our next Facebook Live!