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TweedleWink Right Brain Montessori Preschool

Welcome to our love-filled, Right Brain Montessori Preschool!

Dear Parents,

We're so very honored to be able to finally share a daily preschool program for your child.

Our preschool is the first of its kind!  It has been designed to help enrich your child’s heart, mind, body and inner spirit through a culture of Montessori-inspired learning.

Walk into our classroom and you will see:

  • small, loving, family-like learning groups
  • right-brain sponge-like learning techniques
  • Montessori-inspired left-brain academics
  • beautifully creative, cutting-edge materials
  • team-building, social skills and respect
  • independent, intuitive exploration
  • a well-designed environment
  • loving relationships
  • purposeful play

... all in an atmosphere of love and respect.

Our goal is to maximize and strengthen your preschool child’s love of learning and overall sense of confidence and well-being (IQ & EQ) for a wonderful start in life.

Much love,

Wennie and Pamela


Kindly note: This 5-days-a-week, weekly immersion program is open to children ages 2-1/2 years old to 6 years old.

To parents and teachers past and present, near and far...

Wennie and Pamela would like to thank all of the teachers and parents who put their hearts and souls into the development of this brand-new curriculum. This program is a collaboration of hearts. It was not an easy task and took months and months of patience, trying what worked and what didn't. Teachers and parents from our early days: please know that we could not have done this without you! You are angels on Earth. We're truly grateful for you.

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