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Our story begins 30 years ago in an eclectic community Montessori school in Montana where learning was passionate, teachers and parents were dedicated, and children (ages 0–12) thrived with a blend of early accelerated learning methods from the East and West. It was in this educational hothouse that our founder, Pamela Sue Hickein, first developed our right-brain learning systems — and the results were simply stunning. 

Flashcards.  Silly songs.  Intuitive memory games. 

Children were able to learn large amounts of information in a small amount of time — effortlessly, joyfully — while spending a majority of their time in play. Speed learning was playful and fun.  Parents and teachers collaborated on loving-and-kind parenting practices. Results were never measured or judged.  Learning became a passionate pursuit at home and at school. Children were encouraged to develop their own unique genius, no matter what that was. Together, they had found a balance between left brain early education, and creative right brain acceleration. 

The results excited parents and teachers East and West. In 1996, Pamela began to host workshops, training sessions, online training courses and talks to share the method. Products, books and services were in high demand. Her right brain programs: TweedleWink (ages 0–6) and Wink (ages 7–12) were soon in learning centers, preschools, daycare centers and schools around the world. 

In 2007, Pamela and Wennie joined forces to create Right Brain Kids. Under Wennie’s guidance, TweedleWink and Wink’s mission for the child has expanded and grown. In 2008, the very first TweedleWink learning center opened, with three more centers following that.  


In 2013, we opened TweedleWink Playhouse — the first right-brain Montessori school in the world. 


Right Brain Kids is dedicated to spreading the message that Right Brain Education can elevate the consciousness of the planet.Yes! We truly believe this! Through expert right brain techniques, creative teachers, passion and loving relationships, we can change the way we approach education. And by doing so, we change our children’s futures.


...and now

Right Brain


Pamela and Wennie have combined their professional experience

and passion for right brain learning to create a fun-filled company. 

We learn and play together with fantastic teachers and staff. 

We’re a family!

Who We Are

Pamela Sue Hickein

Master Right Brain Teacher Trainer

Creator of TweedleWink and Wink

Pamela is the creator of the TweedleWink and Wink: Right Brain Education programs. Known fondly as “the mother of right brain education,” she has been happily sharing her unique form of Montessori-inspired right brain education with teachers and parents for almost 30 years. 


Pamela believes that heart-based playful learning is vital not only for right brain development, but for lifelong health and happiness as well. When embraced, right brain thinking becomes a way of living, not just learning. Pamela has used these methods with children with dyslexia, dyspraxia, speech delays, ADD, ADHD, CP, DS, and various forms of autism. She has also successfully blended right-brain techniques with homeschool curricula and gifted learning programs. 

Pamela has written numerous books and learning curricula, including: 


Her most recent publications The Gnome King and Poseidon's Daughter — are the first books in her Elemental Kingdom children’s book series. (We are currently using them in our Wink classes for speed reading play.) 

Pamela is a mother of four and a grandmother, and currently lives in rural North Carolina with her husband and family.



Lighting  up the heart and mind.

Wennie Sun

President and CEO of Right Brain Kids

Wennie is our beloved leader, business mind and self-development coach. She has brought our company to a beautiful global level. After having her first child in her late forties, Wennie gave up her long term career with a telecom giant and devoted her time to her son. She poured all of her attention into his early childhood development, knowing the importance of the first six years of a child’s life.

Wennie applied Pamela’s Right Brain Education principles and materials when her son was four months old. Seeing her son starting to read at age two and displaying many benefits from Right Brain Education at age four, Wennie became excited and passionate to bring forth the Right Brain Education to as many parents and teachers possible worldwide. She has combined forces with Pamela to utilize a greater means to promote the benefits of Right Brain Education.

She holds a Master’s degree in Math and Computer Science from University of Illinois at Chicago. She is a trained AMI certified Montessori teacher, and is a certified Right Brain Education Level 5 Trainer.

Wennie is a mother of one son, and currently lives in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, with her husband and son.



Opening  the door to wisdom.