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NEW 2018 Wink Classes!

EARLY ELEMENTARY STUDENTS - Get ready to have fun! Speed reading, photographic memory training and an exciting right-brain creative storytelling adventure await you!  Accelerate your mind.  Change the way you see learning! 

Q. I saw your post about the brand new wink class. May I know more about this class? My son is 5 yrs old. 

A. Thank you for your question!  Is your son currently in our program?  If so, one of our teachers can assess his reading level to see if he is ready for our Wink speed reading classes.  They are gentle, but if a child is not currently reading, they can feel frustrated and the right brain pathway can close down nullifying the benefits.  

Our TweedleWink program readies children with early speed reading techniques and a solid literacy program that includes phonics and sight words.  Although every child is unique and develops at a different pace, by the time a child has reached age 6 in our TweedleWink program, the foundation is set for Wink.  This includes:

(1) eye-to-brain communication

(2) optic muscle speed and strength

(3) ability to read and interact with dynamic data containing both pictures and words

(4) high right brain memory access and absorbency fostered through love and empathy

What are the benefits of the Wink program? 

• builds critical speed reading skills
• accelerates creative learning abilities
• sparks creativity through story-telling and imagination
• enables Einstein-style multi-sensorial, holographic visualization
• keeps the right brain open and ACTIVE!

The Wink speed reading program's benefits takes a child's ability to read and further combines it with their photographic memory and visualization capabilities.  We also love the fact that the children continue to see learning as playful and fun.  This fosters a creativity that is so very much needed in the world that is rapidly conforming to AI and computers.

We do ask that children in our program maintain a minimum time on the computer and televisions.  The right brain is highly sensitive and overuse of screen-based intake can decrease the benefits from our program.  In some cases, it has reversed them.  So, we do ask parents to be aware of that and to help us from home.

We hope that this answer is helpful!

If you have any further questions, please do call us.  Our center locations and phone numbers are here:


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