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TweedleWink Right Brain Preschool Appearing Live at KL Expo


TweedleWink Right Brain Kids will be appearing at the Private International School Fair in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on 17 and 18 June, 2017.

You'll have a chance to meet our president, Wennie Sun, as well as meet with some of our friendly TweedleWink teachers.

During the first six years of your child’s life, everything that your child sees, hears and experiences are steadily forming a subconscious and permanent “mental library.”

TweedleWink takes advantage of this window of opportunity when your child is already functioning primarily in this “absorbent mind” right brain state, and has the natural ability to absorb vast quantities of knowledge.

That’s why our lessons are presented in a manner that is targeted to your child's right brain way of learning.

Our daily Right Brain Montessori preschool helps your child establish knowledge and experience in important learning areas as English vocabulary, reading, math, science, world cultures and languages, geography, music, fine art, poetry, practical life training and brain-building movement with purposeful play.

Our weekly Right Brain Enrichment Center encourages whole brain development by linking your child’s right brain abilities — speed learning, photographic memory, intuitive math and language, and three-dimensional imagination — with the logical, methodical left brain.

At TweedleWink, we’ll maximize and strengthen your preschool child’s love of learning and overall sense of confidence and well-being (a balance of IQ & EQ) for a wonderful start in life, and a lifelong love of learning.

If you live in this area of the world and you are considering attending this expo, please stop by our booth to visit us! We’ll be there mingling with parents like you, and welcoming any questions you may have about our Montessori-inspired TweedleWink Right Brain Preschool.

We hope to see you there!


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