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Slideshow on YouTube: What is TweedleWink?

TweedleWink Early Learning Right Brain Centers have touched the lives thousands of children (and their parents!) in the Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia area.

Watch the video on YouTube

This YouTube presentation video gives you the basic concepts of the Right Brain Education philosophy, as well as some sneak peeks into some actual TweedleWink classes.

Each live TweedleWink class lesson covers many foundational and educational development subjects, presented as exercises that target your child's receptive right brain. If fact, in a surprisingly quick class session of under an hour, over 25 quick right-brain exercises (yes, literally exercises, because we also promote physical movement!) and video flashcard presentations cover early phonics and letter recognition, early reading, vocabulary words and objects, culture and geography, and other learning areas.

Watch the video on YouTube

What is TweedleWink?

TweedleWink is an early childhood learning program that takes advantage of the window of opportunity when your child is functioning primarily in the right brain state. Maria Montessori (Italian educator) termed this developmental state the "absorbent mind."

TweedleWink has its roots in the Montessori philosophy, and "follows the child." TweedleWink helps your child establish a subconscious knowledge foundation of quality subjects through lessons presented in a manner that is easily assimilated by your child's right brain.

What does TweedleWink do?

TweedleWink early education operates using an input flow from the right brain to the left brain.
As your child grows, the TweedleWink knowledge categories that your child was exposed to will be reintroduced during the normal course of your child's education. When this occurs, your child will have a feeling of familiarity with the subject matter even though he or she might not have conscious recollection.
Hence, the "new" subject matter will be readily accepted. With this confidence, learning other subjects will likewise be perceived as "easy."

The TweedleWink Learning Triangle

1.) A knowledgeable teacher: A specially trained teacher (or YOU as the parent teacher) is vitally important. Your love, patience and dedication builds the relationship that helps determine the results.

2.) Effective learning materials: TweedleWink lesson materials are designed to encompass a wide range of learning avenues that satisfy your child's intellectual and emotional needs, and are addressed to your child's right brain receptivity.

3.) An uplifting environment: A harmoniously prepared class environment -- organized, inviting and non-stressful -- sets the tone for giving TweedleWink class sessions the best chance for success.

Our early learning preschool and enrichment classes are presented in a cheerful and uplifting manner, because your child's right brain (the quality that Maria Montessori called the "absorbent mind") can assimilate vast quantities of information when not under stress or pressure to perform, especially competitively. That's why a knowledgeable teacher (Learning Triangle element #1) is essential to the process.

We invite you to contact our main Center if you would like more information or to find out available class times.

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