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Early education for the 21st century

With TweedleWink and Wink

learning is effortless when experienced as PLAY.

Your child has magical right brain abilities.

They are unlocked with love and joy. 

Left Brain

The logical side

of the mind

• learn & grow, step-by-step 

focused attention

• needs slow input—loves lectures

• considered "the language brain"

• nitpicks the details

uses reason & logic

• relies on 5 physical senses

• likes repetition & structure

words, lists, numbers

• processes one data at a time

practical, works well under stress

• learns well with methods and tests

• looks for danger: "Oh no!"


Right Brain

The creative side

of the mind

• learn & grow in exponential bursts

photographic memory

• needs fast input—loves flashcards

• considered "the emotional brain"

• sees the BIG picture

uses creativity & imagination

• relies on intuitive thoughts & feelings

• sponges up information

pictures, music, movement & play

• processes data all at once

emotional, works well when relaxed

• learns with pictures, music and play

• looks for possibilities:"Ah ha!"

TweedleWink and Wink

Early accelerated learning programs that use both sides of the brain.


Whole Brain Programs

for Children of All Ages

You can maximize your child's potential—from infancy, preschool, elementary and teens—with two distinct programs that accelerate heart and mind. Think: right-brain active imagination and innovation, speed reading and photographic memory combined with logical left-brain communication and problem solving. 


This is truly early childhood education for the 21st century.

TweedleWink (ages 0 to 6) 


Our early childhood education program optimizes learning during the first years of life. TweedleWink teaches math, science, language, world cultures, music and fine art and more with flashcards, Montessori-inspired lessons, creative movement, classical music and play. 


Wink (ages 6 and above) 


Right brain kids thrive in schools that go beyond left-brain logic and rote memorization.  Wink helps your child harness the beautiful super-learning abilities of the right brain to meet future challenges with empathy, creativity, photographic memory, speed reading, multi-sensorial visualization, and imagination-based, problem-solving skills.

Igniting an early learning revolution worldwide


Pioneers of Right Brain Education"accelerating the hearts & minds of children for 30 years

Start teaching TweedleWink and Wink today.

Click on the program that matches your child's current stage of development.


Prenatal - Preschool


Amazing early flashcard lessons 

to unite right-and-left brain thinking. 

Start early. We'll show you how! TweedleWink is perfect for preschools, daycares, homeschools and special needs. It's accelerated early learning with heart.


• Online right brain video flashcards

• Flashcards on DVD & streaming videos

• Age-by-age baby flashcards w/guides

• Easy-to-follow whole brain activities

• Printable right brain learning materials


Children, Teens and Adults


Right brain photographic memory play

to learn in a holistic way.

Use the photographic mind. It's always on! Wink's accelerated learning program encourages speed reading and study skills for special needs and gifted students alike.

• Right brain learning kit 

• Right brain student daily planner

• Right brain storybook adventure lessons

• Photographic memory games

• Speed reading for kids

Parents & Teachers

Online Courses


Holistic books and on-line courses

to super-charge your classroom.

Do you run a preschool? Homeschool? Work with special needs, like Autism, dyslexia, ADD/ADHD? Gifted students? Want to boost your own parenting? 


Start your own right brain learning journey today with the course that’s “right” for you!  Learn the philosophy, organization and techniques to teach:

• TweedleWink (ages 0–6)

• Wink: Right Brain Education (ages 7–12)

What would happen if every child on Earth received gentle early learning right brain flashcards to plant seeds of knowledge (photographic/auditory/multi-sensorial) in ALL academic areas?

What would happen if all children began life with fun picture-based math & reading readiness?

What would happen if schools embraced photographic memory and speed reading play for kids?



Want to see our program in action?  Take a look at our HAPPY, BUSY schools in and around our Asia Headquarters in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

HUG • PLAY • LEARN   Our TweedleWink Right Brain Kids Learning Centers house the world's very first right-brain Montessori preschools—a beautiful blend of Maria Montessori's philosophy with right-brain accelerated learning techniques. Our preschools also host live, 1-hour weekly enrichment classes to boost children's hearts and minds. Want to see the TweedleWink and Wink curriculum come to life in a vibrant, Montessori setting? Contact us to schedule a visit to one of our three locations!

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