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What is Right Brain Education?

What is Right Brain Education?

Our TweedleWink and Wink right brain learning programs promote whole brain development.  We believe in a creative way to teach that speaks to a child's playful, passionate spirit.  Our programs lift up standard left-brain academics and brings them to a whole new level— a heart-based learning program that nurtures both IQ and EQ. 

Right brain education allows our children to learn faster and more deeply.

Our TweedleWink and Wink right brain learning programs promote whole brain development.  Simply put, we teach to both sides of your child's mind.

   • TweedleWink - focuses on INPUT during the early, impressionable years

   • Wink - strengthens and enhances the right-brain pathway in childhood

In a nutshell, we teach:

(Infant to Preschool)

• Science
• Classical Music
• Perfect Pitch
• Character Development
• Fine Art
• Speed Reading Readiness
• Reading
• Math
• World Cultures
...and more
(Preschool to Teen)

• Speed reading
• Photographic memory
• Stronger power of observation
• Faster, crisper and clearer vision
• Quick language, math and music acquisition
• Three-dimensional visualization
• Accelerated learning
• Deep relaxation
• Self-confidence and joy

Why is Right Brain Education Needed Now?

As you may know, you have two sides of a very complex brain.  And these two sides each have a distinct personality, so to speak.  Each hemisphere learns differently—even though they function as a whole—to help us think, to learn, to love and to understand and communicate.

The RIGHT brain is emotional, creative, instinctive and learns through sponging up information through a type of intuitive absorption.  The LEFT BRAIN, on the other hand, is logical, methodical, disciplined and learns through repetition, reason and organization of data.

Educational programs today teach to the left brain.  Success is measured by left brain competency.  Tests, competition and critical thinking leaves the right brain behind. 

But when the right brain is included in learning, a magical things happens: WHOLE BRAIN SYNERGY.

A child can sponge up information (right brain), THEN organize it (left brain), then communicate or express it emotionally and practically (whole brain) for the whole world to see.

That's why, in a left brain world, whole brain balance is only possible with "right brain education."

It's time for a new way to learn. 

Our children are ready.

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