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Weekly Classes

Weekly Classes
We have a class for you at any stage! Start with TweedleWink for your little one—the earlier the better.

Grow with your child.
Our classes grow and change to meet your child’s most current needs — not the other way around. 

Our weekly classes enrich the heart and mind. The input is gentle, playful and powerful.

Children can begin classes at any age: prenatally, at age 1, age 7, age 17! The brain responds to love and will open to right brain learning when the climate is right.
TweedleWink™ is a blended program which includes 12 techniques, taught to 6 sensorial pathways at 6 key stages in your child's life. TweedleWInk classes are for infants, toddlers, preschool, and early elementary.

We teach through flashcards, movement and games play — playing over 20 games in 8 different areas for whole-brain enrichment.
The 8 academic areas are:
  1. Vision Enhancement
  2. Vocabulary Builders
  3. World Cultures (Language, Music, Geography)
  4. Music (Classical Music, Perfect Pitch, Rhythm, Notation)
  5. Reading (Phonics, Sight Words)
  6. Math (Dot "clustering")
  7. Science
  8. Art

The right brain is the primary hemisphere absorbing information during the first years of life.  During this time, we focus on playful input. Then, as your child grows and displays strong, healthy signs of left-brain development, we add left-brain enhancement activities as well.  It's a whole brain experience.

Infants • Toddlers 
Your child will learn: eye-brain intake enhancement
a rich mental encyclopedic library (science, geography and more)
frequency attunement • infant exercise/massage • yoga ball balance
global cultural awareness • right-brain math and reading
  Preschoolers • Early Elementary 
Your child will learn: all of the above, plus...
fine art appreciation • whole-brain science and art lesson
math, world languages, perfect pitch and reading play
speed reading preparation • 3D mental imagery

TweedleWink class duration:
60 fun-filled minutes.
(Take-home materials included.)
Wink: Right Brain Education
Students enrolled in our Wink program learn the benefits of combining slow-reading (savoring the nuances of wonderful story books and classics) with speed-reading. Your child will also learn how to connect with his or her holographic mind through fun games. Photographic memory, inventive problem solving, and heightened observation training skills are an added bonus — tools your child will use for a lifelong love of learning.

Older students • Teens • Parents • Seniors  ALL AGES!
Your family will learn: Wink™ Alpha Relaxation • Eye Exercises
PhotoEyeplay • Mental Imaging • Observation Training
Memory Linking • Photographic Memory • Speed Reading

Wink class duration: 75 fun-filled minutes.

Come join us!

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