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Testimonials (Stories)

Testimonials (Stories)

Life Changing Experiences for All of Us

Our daughter, Li Shuen, was 4 years old, and eldest son, Jin Han, was 2 years old when they first joined TweedleWink. At that time, as young parents, we were skeptical of what right brain learning and this kind of early education could possibly do.

Little did we know that it was going to be a life changing experience -- for all of us!

Naturally, our children were always looking forward to go to TweedleWink. They were always learning happily in class with much anticipation and excitement. They enjoyed playing with the miniature materials presented in class, and also loved the games and exercises. As parents, we enjoyed observing them play and interact with the teachers.

By attending the classes together with our children, we learned as much as they did. It took us some time to realize that the program was not only academic based, but was also nourished based on parental love. We have learned how to treat our children with love and respect, and motivate them to behave in accordance with their maturity and higher level of consciousness.

Six years later, today (at the time of this writing), Li Shuen (now 10 years old) and Jin Han (now 8 years old), are educationally beyond their peers. We believe that TweedleWink has provided them with a good foundation towards their learning capabilities.

They are showing much curiosity and creativity in what they are doing. These traits are certainly encouraging them to explore, discover and create, which further leads them to learn independently and enthusiastically. With the joy of learning, we find them acquiring knowledge easily and learning effortlessly especially in the subjects that they like.

As parents, we truly appreciate how TweedleWink has influenced our children in cultivating positive moral values of being kind and respectful towards other human beings, animals, all living and non-living things, and our treasured mother earth. These values are taught as a natural part of the weekly lessons, and these traits play a role in shaping and developing our children’s behavior and character.  

Our second son (third child), Jin Sern (now 3 years old) has been attending TweedleWink’s weekly lessons since he was 9 months old. He has shown great interest in playing and learning at the same time, and truly enjoys his lessons with Teacher Marie!

At this very young age, we can see that he has great motivation to be successful in the little things that he does, and feeling the deepest satisfaction when accomplishing the small tasks. Thanks for giving lots of encouragement, Teacher Marie!  

Indeed, TweedleWink has helped us discover and realize the basic, distinctive essence which is lacking in the common education system. Looking back, sending all our children to TweedleWink was one of the best decisions made in our parenting journey.

We wish that every child, parent and family could take advantage of this wonderful program.

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to Pamela, Wennie and all the amazing TweedleWink teachers for making a profound difference in our lives.


— Mr. and Mrs. Phan (Parents of Li Shuen, Jin Han and Jin Sern)


The Value of Learning with Joy


I just wanted to say that TweedleWink is doing a great job.

The way that Daniel showed me all the flags, and matched them to the corresponding coutries, helped me understand what you mean when you say that "learning starts from the heart."

It did not so much matter to me whether he knew one, or all of the flags. The fact that he now approaches learning with a sense of joy -- and seeing the proud smile in his face -- is priceless!

That is the noticable difference when you instill the love of learning in the kids.

Daniel has been with Tweedlewink about a year -- since he was 2 years old.

He prefers to go TweedleWink more so than to his regular weekday kindergarden classes!

Thanks to your programs, more parents -- and their children! -- can experience the joys of early learning.

— Christy (Mother of Daniel, at 3 years 11 months old)


A New Way to Bring Up My Little Girl

Lauren was 12 months old when she started TweedleWink. It was an easy decision for me since the selection was solely based on convenience (TweedleWink is within walking distance from my house). Little did I know that it turned out to be the best thing I could’ve done for Lauren during her tender years.

I started with zero knowledge of right brain learning. But as Lauren was attending classes, I, as a parent, benefited just as much! By being with Lauren in the class, speaking to the teachers, and attending TweedleWink’s parenting workshops, I began to appreciate and embrace a new way to bring up my little girl.

Lauren loved to go to TweedleWink classes, it was fun for her. Looking on from the side, I knew she was learning and absorbing information effortlessly. She would relate a subject taught in a lesson to other random encounters, months later, when I clearly remembered she didn’t appear to have paid much attention during that particular lesson in class. She would point out flags and identify the countries and count from 1 to 10 in a foreign language happily. The list goes on.

I thank the TweedleWink team for making learning fun and joyous for Lauren, especially Teacher Marie, Lauren’s beloved teacher who has shown her endless love, kindness and patience.

Lastly, I would like to thank Wennie and Pamela, who have put together such a wonderful program and made it available in Malaysia.

I would strongly recommend families with young children to take advantage of this and start charting your children’s development with love.

— Erica Lau  (Mommy of Lauren, at 3 years 5 months old)


Positive Discipline and Kind Words

TweedleWink is a like a family to us. The teachers give so much love for Danish and all the children. My son Danish gained so much confidence and enjoyed learning because teachers in TweedleWink give so much effort in making the class fun for them! Even me as a parent inside the class is learning a lot too because their lessons are very rich (from vocabulary, to science, to different world languages) and it is such a big bonus for me!

What I love most about TweedleWink is the use of positive discipline and kind words in guiding the children. I would give 5 stars to TweedleWink and very highly recommend it to my family and friends!

— Norahimah Binti Nor Mohamad (Mommy of Danish, at 3 years 7 months old )


Five Stars!

My son, Muhammad is in love with TweedleWink! Even though he is tired sometimes, but when I say “Time to go to TweedleWink!” He would jump out of his feet and would happily get ready while humming a song! He loves Smiley Stories and as a Mom, I feel so happy because Smiley Stories (exclusive from TweedleWink) teaches my son good values and good manners. His vocabulary has improved a lot!

I adore all the teachers in TweedleWink. They are so caring and I feel safe leaving my son in the class while I relax outside. I am very thankful I found TweedleWink. Five stars!

— Hajarul Aswad (Mommy of Muhammad, at 3 years 6 months old)


Learning Intelligent Friendly Education

TweedleWink has not only given my daughter, ShaSha, the educational platform to build on, but just as importantly, the social experience to become a more balanced individual.

Every teacher she has had has been a caring, intelligent and open guide, steering her in the right direction.

Even though we occasionally arrive late for a lesson, I know my daughter always returns home with a good impression of how correct education should be provided.

And TweedleWink does a great job of educating the parents as well!

TweedleWink teaches my daughter about "LIFE": Learning Intelligent Friendly Education.

Thanks, TweedleWink!

— Nini and David (parents of ShaSha)


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