For parents and teachers who would like to enrich their lessons with right brain learning

Flashcards, activity books, children's stories and more to use at home

Video flashcards with guided lesson plans and printables for at-home right brain lessons

TweedleWink and Wink right brain lessons conducted by trained TweedleWink Teachers

You can maximize your child's potential—from infancy, preschool, elementary and teens—with two distinct programs that accelerate heart and mind. Think: right-brain active imagination and innovation, speed reading and photographic memory combined with logical left-brain communication and problem solving. 


This is truly early childhood education for the 21st century.

TweedleWink (ages 0 to 6) 


Our early childhood education program optimizes learning during the first years of life. TweedleWink teaches math, science, language, world cultures, music and fine art and more with flashcards, Montessori-inspired lessons, creative movement, classical music and play. 


Wink (ages 6 and above) 


Right brain kids thrive in schools that go beyond left-brain logic and rote memorization.  Wink helps your child harness the beautiful super-learning abilities of the right brain to meet future challenges with empathy, creativity, photographic memory, speed reading, multi-sensorial visualization, and imagination-based, problem-solving skills.

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