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Right Brain Math

TweedleWink Math

Early Math Readiness through Play! 

Have a right brain child who dislikes left-brain math?  Or do you just want to give your child an early start in math with right brain imagery and easy-to-grasp photographic concepts?  Then, this is the series for you.  These lessons are gentle, gradual introductions to quantities, numerals and equations.  


LEVEL 1 includes: quantity awarenessan introduction to quantities with clusters of dots, objects and shapes.

LEVEL 2 includes: right brain math input and early addition play an introduction to addition using dots, objects and shapes. 

LEVEL 3 includes: addition play with numbersaddition and matching play with a combination of numbers, objects, shapes and dots.

LEVEL 4 includes: tactile math for hands-on learners "number tapping": equation play with a combination of numbers, objects, shapes and dots.

LEVEL 5 includes: addition and subtraction play introducing the "equals 10 friends," tower addition, fun equation practice.

LEVEL 6 includes: borrowing/carrying really BIG tower addition, cartoon storytelling, fun equation practice.

LEVEL 7 includes: multiplication patterns introduces the "number people" stories, circle patterns, and hands-on multiplication practice with arrays.​  (Use with, or without, The Number People book.)

Paperback, $9.99 each.

THE NUMBER PEOPLE tells the story about each number, along with their times table adventures!  This lively book exposes your child to equations 0x0 to 10x10 through whimsical, subliminal storytelling and play.

Reading and Writing Play

TweedleWink Phonics

Early Reading Readiness through Play! 

Help your child learn to read with playful, yet purposeful, activities.  These "playbooks" are gentle, gradual introductions and playful interactions with our 30 basic phonic sounds.  30 lessons per level give your child (1) phonemic awareness, (2) phonemic confidence and (3) the ability to read and write through play.


Available in our online store and through Amazon

LEVEL 1 includes: phonemic awareness—introduction to 30 phonic sounds: letter tracing, letter shape search, and phonics coloring play. LEVEL 1 SET includes a full color workbook with laminated touch chart and audio CD



LEVEL 2 includes: phonemic confidence letter tracing and independent writing practice, letter sound search, and phonics coloring & matching.

LEVEL 3 includes: phonemic confidence independent letter writing practice, word shape matching, and phonics coloring & letter shape search.

LEVEL 4 includes: early reading practice with phonicsindependent letter writing practice, word building practice, and word-to-picture matching play.

LEVEL 5 includes: early reading practice with phonicsearly reading and matching play, mazes, short vowel word tracing and imagination-boosting drawing exercise.​​

cd/book set
on Amazon

TweedleWink Letter Tracing

Pencil Play for Little Hands

Teach your little one basic phonic sounds, building up to sight words, with fun tracing and coloring play! Help your child learn to read and write in a whole new way... with tracing, coloring and heart-to-heart time with you! 


LEVEL 1 includes: phonemic awareness—visual, auditory and tactile input, introduction to 30 phonic sounds, early tracing play with letter shapes.

LEVEL 2 includes: phonemic confidence, play with 30 phonic sounds, and tracing play with letters and words.

LEVEL 3 includes: early reading practice with phonics, word building play, and tracing play with phonic words.

Perfect companion to LEVEL 3:

"Sam the Elf" Montessori-Inspired Early Phonics Readers

Collect all 8 books!

LEVEL 4 includes: early reading practice with sight words, introduction to character-building themes, and tracing play with sight words.​


Perfect companion to LEVEL 4:

Smiley and Sara Bedtime Stories​

(our character-building program)

Collect all 6 books!


Art, Science & World Cultures


World Art

Coloring Book

Learn about art forms and famous artists through coloring and conversation. The 48 lessons correspond to our TweedleWink video lessons and can be used separately.

12 BONUS coloring pages featuring more famous masterpieces from Michelangelo, da Vinci, Botticelli, Renoir and more!




Coloring Book

Learn about biology, chemistry, astronomy, geology and more through coloring and conversation. 

48 lessons correspond to our TweedleWink video lessons and can be used separately.

12 BONUS coloring pages featuring Famous Scientists in History—from Copernicus to Einstein!



World Countries & Cultures

Coloring Book

Learn about 48 countries in the world—their flags, costumes and major landmarks.  Includes activities to interact with the world map, as well as how to say "Hello," "Goodbye," "Please," and "Thank you" in the major world languages.


48 lessons correspond to our TweedleWink video lessons and can be used separately.

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